Origin from EA, will we see it on Linux?

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if steamos / linux on steam is successful would we get origin for linux?

i think if the money was there, ea would definitely do it.

especially since they are the first ones to release a game with mantle - battlefield 4. im not a graphics programmer, but mantle seems like a good api choice for a linux based operating system.

origin could run in the application layer of steamos, or ubuntu or whatever.

your thoughts?

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Origin sucks anyway.

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@MonsieurX: eh. not a fan of launching battlefield through a browser.

i know its not great, but it exists and its windows only. should make a pengiun version.

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let's wait for linux to break 4000 users first.

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@KarateeeChop: don't know what happened to the text of my post there. just disappeared.

yeah, linux is small. ~1-2% desktop users or something.

but steam machines are coming, maybe that will change things?

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@CrownKingArthur: as a dev i do not see the need to cater to an abandoned os especially when you're already doing so well on Microsoft Windows, the best OS ever made.

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@MonsieurX said:

Origin sucks anyway.

Nah it's pretty good, but Steam has kind of monopolized DD for PC gaming so people are kind of afraid to use anything else.