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@tormentos: derp.

what do i possibly have to be bitter about?

i enjoyed all the best games from the ps3, the 360 and the pc last gen and the same thing will happen this gen.

i will also continue to ridicule mistakes made by microsoft and sony no matter how much it hurts yours and the rest of the little nutjob fanboys feelings because a sane person can enjoy the good while recognizing and commenting on the bad.

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Is Evo Nine still denying that Infamous PS4 outsold system seller Tituhfuhh on the Xbone?

The only reason you should care about combined SKUs is if you're an EA investor. This is System Wars, and you lads got hammered. :)

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@StormyJoe: You're an idiot. 360 didn't outsell PS3 2 to 1 in the States. More like 3 to 2. 45 million compared to 29 million. You Xbox fanboys are good at making up shit lol. And 360 outsold PS3 in the States because of Xbox live, a year head start, and better multiplats. No other reason. Let's pretend PlayStation was never popular in the States lol.

Who gives a shit what the actual ratio is? The fact of the matter is that the 360 trounced the PS3 in the US.

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@tormentos: Look at GS. How may front page stories were about the PS4? Jeez...

Don't you quote and bookmark ALL my posts? LOL! I actually think its kind of funny how you take every post I make and constantly save and review them. It's cute. It's a bit of validation that you think so much of my opinions that you save them that way - most politicians don't have that much scrutiny.

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Infamous sure fell off the charts. I guess if you want to play Exclusives better buy an Xbox One.

Oh and the excuse from last gen .... but, bu it's more costly so that is the reason it's not selling as much.

lol @ dat butthurt

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Deary me, i don't think the drop to $400 is going to have the effect some think. The X1 is doing pretty poorly.

So it's going to be like the PS3 after it got a price cut it didn't sell after that right? :|

PS3 had more features than 360 at that point in its life (blu-ray, free online) and 360 only had two strong markets...U.S. and UK.

An Xbox one is just an equally priced, lesser powered PS4 without Kinect. At least we know Sony will deliver exclusive throughout the console's life rather than giving us sequels to the same 4 franchises with some years being almost entirely devoid of exclusive content.

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@Heil68: I agree. Didn't hear the word on the street, but simply reading some threads here are enough to give that suspicion.

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Xbox flopping as it should be. Ah, the gaming community have done me proud this gen.