NOV NPD 2013: All NA Sales numbers. Wii U 8,000 in UK.

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Wii U: 8,000

"Reported by Nintendo Europe. No new shipments for the whole month."


PS4 1.4 million

Xbox One 1.2 million

Wii U 198,000


3DS: 324,439

Vita: 203,539

Xbox 360 sold 647k during the month of novemeber

Xbox One was the fastest selling console in North America averaging 101K a day.

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I will give you 7 minutes

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@Jakandsigz said:

Xbox 360 sold 647k during the month of novemeber

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You have a link with those numbers? Xbox 360 sold pretty good. How many units did the PS3 sell?

Thanks for the link Jak.

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Still updating.

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Well they at least sold 900k units in November in NA.

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Not bad for the Xbox brands especially when their competitors had a headstart, cheaper and suppose to be more powerful.

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Jakeandsigz, your PS4 numbers are incorrect.

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Lol just sit back and let Chaz do it.

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@Sweenix said:

Jakeandsigz, your PS4 numbers are incorrect.

No they aren't they are from the sony twitter.

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FAIL. charizards thread is more accurate

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Such made up BS in the OP

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Flagged. Typical @Jakandsigz thread. Flagged for spamming the new Thread button and posting ANOTHER NPD thread when there were clearly 2 others on the first page.

Edit: also for having incorrect numbers too

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Wow!At all the BS in the OP. Until you can get accurate numbers Tc this thread will have to be locked.