Nintendo’s E3 May Have Leaked Through Social Media

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In a reported leak through social media, by way of Facebook’s news feed, Nintendo’s entire E3 lineup may have leaked in photo form via Reddit.

Posted by Reddit user “dragonquest,” what appears to be a viable E3 show floor lineup for Nintendo has been leaked in image form, and shared within the hour, including titles such as Mario Party 10, Super Mario Sunshine HD remake, and more, pictured below. Though this listing may not reflect all the titles in their hour long presentation, given that this is a show floor listing of hands-on titles, we can be fairly certain that this showing should be a large piece of the presentation.

Site looks to be unstable, here is screenshot.

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That would be a pretty disappointing E3 to be honest.

#3 Posted by nintendoboy16 (26493 posts) -

Star Fox is on that list... HAS to be fake.

#4 Posted by LadyBlue (3928 posts) -

elol at HD collections. Sheep will say it's awesome. :P

Unbound King sounds like a goty. Lack of Metroid is saddening, but for the best if it means we don't have to go through another Prime.

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I hate leaks

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Wasn't that already proven fake?

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These kind of mock ups always pop up before E3 and usually end up being fake.

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Is xenomech saga X?

I really do want to see a new zelda, please stay away from mario.

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Probably fake.

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Someone do some CSI stuff and find out what's on the other side of the page

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Looks fake

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These kind of mock ups always pop up before E3 and usually end up being fake.


Though there are some interestesting things in there that I'd actually like to see. We'll know soon enough though! :)

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Wasn't that already proven fake?

There was a 'leak' earlier that turned out to be fake. This looks to be a new one.

I have no reason to believe this new one is legit. The thing about these leaked scripts is that you can make one up in Microsoft Word in less than 30 min. Might as well holster the excitement and/or butthurt until the actual presentation.

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Fake. But if not, that's a disappointing list.

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LOL fake as fuck

Unbound King? XenoMech Saga? lol ok

#16 Posted by big_mak523 (112 posts) -

This looks extremely fake, but if true, I'd be shocked to see the new Zelda playable considering we haven't seen a thing from it yet.

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I'm calling it. Real as hell and MS and Sony's conferences will be just as meh.

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Star Fox on DS, seriously. -______- That would be an EXTREME lackluster E3 for Nintendo.

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This is like the third or fourth "leaked" list I see.. And every single one has been different.

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Star Fox on 3DS makes a lot of sense to me. XenoMech? Sounds odd at first. But it would work I guess.

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@Wild_man_22 said:

Star Fox on 3DS makes a lot of sense to me. XenoMech? Sounds odd at first. But it would work I guess.

But they already had a reboot on the 3DS, if anything, you would expect a Wii U release. As of right now, the Wii U should be the main focus for all their niche franchises. (Fzero, Star Fox, Metroid, etc.)

#22 Posted by Shewgenja (8786 posts) -

Damn, if this list is true, WiiU seems to be on a roll!

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That would be disappointing. Fake though.

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Looks pretty disappointing, so I wouldn't be surprised if this turned out to be legit.

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Great list. Mario sunshine should be good.

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@Aljosa23 said:

LOL fake as fuck

Unbound King? XenoMech Saga? lol ok

Hey, I just report it. :P

#27 Posted by Wild_man_22 (590 posts) -


A 3DS Star-Fox doesn't have nearly as much risk, as a full console release. Are people really going to pay $60 for a rail shooter?

#28 Posted by PS4hasNOgames (1498 posts) -

what a weak ass lineup. late 2015 for next nintendo console confirmed.

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lmao ,fake as hell, they are really trying too hard.

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I hope that's fake.

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Again, this has been proven fake.

Project S.T.E.A.M is not directly 3DS related

Zero mention of Nintendo's "new" console and strategy which Nintendo has said will be at this years E3

Lastly, "QoL" is not mentioned which Nintendo has flat out said it will be at this years conference.

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For some reason I think it is real .. and if it turns out to be such, then it is indeed disappointing :(

#33 Posted by PrincessGomez92 (3539 posts) -

Super Mario Sunshine HD would be awesome.

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Not a great list for the avid gamer but good for Nintendo folks.

#35 Posted by CleanPlayer (9793 posts) -

Surprised there isn't more of a Wii U HD Collection, but if it's real....meh. Thought there would be more Wii U surprises

#36 Posted by KBFloYd (13427 posts) -

mario sunshine HD??

yes please

#37 Posted by DarkGamer007 (6028 posts) -

This is beyond fake. C'mon people, anyone could make this in twenty minutes on Microsoft Word.

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Why has no one pointed out that there is a game called Nintendo U. Lol

Even if this is real, this would only be on the show floor. Nintendo said that they would be showing or presenting on games that are very close to being finished but also games that are very early on in development.

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I like how leaks are always just pieces of paper saying, "These are all the games at e3" lol like they just hand out packets to floor people that have a list of all games being shown in a neat little package for the online community.


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Super Mario Sunshine HD would be awesome.

Yeah it would be!

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Doubt it's true. If it is, that is completely lackluster. Waverace HD? Considering we're supposed to be seeing games not only that are close to completion but those that are early in development, I would expect a true 3D Mario, not an HD remake of Sunshine.

No Metroid, yeah right.

I call BS.

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Unbound King? LOL. These 'fakers' really need to stop inventing pathetic subtitles, and just call it something like The Legend of Zelda Wii U.

Also, Nintendo are the least likely out of the three to have leaks tbh.

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@Aljosa23 said:

LOL fake as fuck

Unbound King? XenoMech Saga? lol ok

Your avatar made your post two times funnier than it should be.

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Look! Nintendo's E3 leaked!

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lol no point remaking mario sunshine. i want more zelda remakes though and metroid hd trilogy wil be nice. then i might buy wiiu.

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Another one of these...thats someones really...come on now.

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The Wii-U list is fucking terrible. Mario Party 10!? Another GameCube remake?

The sad part is this is the first list I feel like could be real...

But still fake nonetheless probably. Most "leaks" are.

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No Fire Emblem? GTFO.