Nintendo opens new HQ for intelligent systems.

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Intelligent Systems currently consists of 130 employees, with 100 males and 30 females. The vast majority of the studio consists of programmers and artists.

In recent years, Intelligent Systems have worked on Fire Emblem: Awakening, Paper Mario: Sticker Star, Game & Wario, Pushmo, Crashmo, and Daigasso! Band Bros. P. Additionally, the studio also helped develop the Nintendo 3DS Camera app.

Well would you look at that, Nintendo is sellin- I mean opening new buildings. Sorry force of habit. lol.

Kidding aside, this means that IS could be bigger, make more games, and localize ore. This is a very good opportunity which most likely Nintendo will mess up to have IS work on helping bring the Wii u back to life.

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This will look will all those games flop on Wii U. When Mario flops you know things are bad. I'm sure they will sell some handheld games though.

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They deserve it.

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@Bigboi500 said:

They deserve it.