Nintendo Launching Major TV Campaign For SM3DW

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Nintendo is actually marketing its products? OMG!

Nintendo is backing its biggest Wii U game of the year with a major TV advertising campaign.

Nintendo will be using the TV ads to push the hardware, which has struggled for momentum so far this year. The ads will focus on the game’s major innovations, including the four-player co-operative multiplayer.

The firm will also support the title with print and social media activity.

Pre-launch the focus will be on online and Facebook activity, aimed at Mario fans. We will also be launching a significant TV campaign targeted towards families and kids, highlighting the key features of the game and the Wii U hardware itself. Post-launch activity will centre around gifting via online, TV and PR."

I think that focusing families and kids for now is a great idea, since everyone else will mostly be focused on the Xbox One and PS4. Let's see if their marketing efforts bear fruit this time, however.

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I hope it works.