Nintendo is getting STEAM!!!!

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on 2DS/3DS called Codename S.T.E.A.M.

It's a new IP by Nintendo that seemingly uses the same fighting engine as Sakura Wars where you have a certain amount of moves you can do and each action you do uses one move.

It is a Third Person Shooter with a Steampunk theme.

Nintendo is trying something new to them here.

I'm still not entirely sure on what to think about this game yet but it has potential. I'll have to experience this game first hand to make my final judgment of it.

You think this game will put more fuel in the 3DS DOMINATION fire, will it douse the fire like Warm Milk on a Bagel or are you enraged because you were trolled into believing that Nintendo was actually getting Valve's Steam? O.o

Discuss and Enjoy SW citizens :D

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old news man

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Dat misleading title

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I came in here for the same reason. lol oh well. good to see an original title for the 3ds nevertheless.

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Wasnt thrilled with what I saw at e3.

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Not online was I mislead, this is old as fuck. Flagged.

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So old.

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This is more than a month old...