Nintendo Guilty of Infringing Glasses-Free 3D Patent

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#51 Posted by I_can_haz (6551 posts) -
:lol: I thought Nintendo never copies.
#52 Posted by Kjranu (1051 posts) -
Why haven't Nintendo sued Sony for copying the Wiimote? :lol:
#53 Posted by Nintendo_Ownes7 (30917 posts) -

Why haven't Nintendo sued Sony for copying the Wiimote? :lol:Kjranu
Different tech. But I don't think Nintendo should've been sued Sharp is the company that makes the screens for the 3DS so they should've been the ones that were sued since the screen in the 3DS is why Nintendo is getting sued.

#54 Posted by FashionFreak (2291 posts) -

Same old, same old. Company A sues Company B for copyright infrigment, and Company B pays Company A a settlement. Company B is now able to continue making the stuff without any legal consequences.   Standard stuff. No one will care in a week.

#55 Posted by FashionFreak (2291 posts) -



Nintendo should've done the honest thing and licensed his technology in the first place.



Perhaps, but if Nintendo did that, it would have to pay royalties on every 3DS sold. Now Nintendo just has to pay a flat $30 million and keep all profits after that.

#56 Posted by Cherokee_Jack (32198 posts) -

Tomita Technologies only seems to exist for the purposes of the complaint.

I wonder why this case went to a court in New York, when NoA is based in Redmond.

#57 Posted by campzor (34932 posts) -

nintendo doesn't copy, this is unpossible.

i refuse to believe it.

this. Nintendo are the pioneers of innovation in our industry...always moving forward!! [spoiler] by taking other ppls ideas! [/spoiler] Nintendo can do no wrong.
#58 Posted by FragTycoon (6430 posts) -

Gah!.. if your gonna steal something, steal something that doesn't give me a headache.

#59 Posted by Rockman999 (7232 posts) -

Sheep are avoiding this like the plague now.

Can't handle the truth that their messiah( :lol: ) is just as sh!tty as the other companies?