Nintendo gives CAT ears for Gamestop Workers for SM3DW

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They're cat ears, not bunny ears.

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*cat ears

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Bunny ears... lol

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They're cat ears, not bunny ears.

I got my tabs mixed with the Rayman game coming out.

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That's a nice collectible. Might be rare in the future aswell.

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I'd wear it.

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I saw the employees in my GameSpot wearing them

How confused the people buying PS4s must have been

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I am so jelly.

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They look small. I think my head would break them if I tried to wear one.

I got a big head.

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This will make the furries happy.

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The cat marketing for this game was brilliant. This game will sell.

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Gonna pick up all the ladies with these ears.

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Oh, the humanity..... How humiliating.

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Gonna rock them !

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pfft, probably GameStop employees steeling pre-order incentives to sell on eBay like always

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thats kinda creepy tbh

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You just wait until they start distributing Yogurts

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Some guy is going to be stuck wearing the pink one