Nintendo Fan Service for DS - WOW

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#51 Posted by chicken008 (4486 posts) -
But Baseball is boring..:?
#52 Posted by TrueReligion_ (11037 posts) -
Sounds awesome. Baseball FTW.
#53 Posted by Runningflame570 (10439 posts) -

But Baseball is boring..:?chicken008

Indeed..get it up and running with Football Nintendo..

#54 Posted by 22Toothpicks (11279 posts) -
Now that is a great innovation. This is what I want, video games and technology to be a helpful part of everyday life. (I emphasize the word being helpful.)
#55 Posted by 22Toothpicks (11279 posts) -
But Baseball is boring..:?chicken008

Says you, it's the best sport next to football IMO. :P
#56 Posted by shaggymcp (2896 posts) -
Baseball sucks :( do this for football, or basketball then Ill care :P
#57 Posted by Riviera_Phantom (3658 posts) -

This still won't convince me to go to a baseball game. Great idea though for those who do.


Hahaha too right. Soccer maybe.