Newest DMC trailer

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Good one TC :P

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I laughed pretty hard at that. :P

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From the guy who directed 50/50. Hm, could be pretty good.

And f*ck DmC.

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and the saga continues, women really loving their necrophilia fetishes. First it was the pedophile vampires from Twilight and now zombies....

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That actually seems like it could be good :P

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I dont get it...

Its because the guy has a red jacket? Actually its kinda funny the guy from that movie looks more like the old dante than the new one i.e. same hair-style and red jacket (the new one has a blue jacket)

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Haha TC.

Holy sh!t a zombie flick with an original premise? I'm really sick of zombies, but I have to admit, it kept my interest all the way through the trailer. That's a good start. It won't get me in a theater, but I might watch it at home.