New Shin'en Game to be revealed soon.. Possibly F-zero..

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In a recent announcement on Twitter, developer Shin’en has revealed that their new Wii U game will be revealed in just a few days. We’ve gotten some hints about what the team is working on a few times in the past, as the development team has spoken about the power of the Wii U and what they plan on utilizing the console to produce, but now we’ll have a more concrete look at what they’ve been working on for the past year.

The team has been working on a brand new Wii U engine with their game, so we expect to see the announcement revolve partially around that information as well.

Jonathan Gryphon @JonGryphon

@ShinenGames when will you reveal your new Wii U game?

Shin'en Multimedia @ShinenGames

@JonGryphon Rather in days then in weeks ;)

10:31 AM - 21 Oct 2013

And here is why i think something similar to F-Zero or something similar..

Was a WiiWare Game but it was similar to F-Zero from what i was told.

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A FAST 2 would be awesome. FAST was amazing.

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Didn't they deny an offer to develop an fzero?

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F-Zero would probably decline

This Article you mean?

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I would like a Fzero, but a new IP would be better.

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@Michael0134567 said:

A FAST 2 would be awesome. FAST was amazing.

Fast was lackluster at best. Yea graphically it was nice but after you beat the game (which only took around 1 hour if that - and that's on the hardest difficulty), the lack of online and the dropped frame rate 2 player only multiplayer really made this game dull fast.

I remember when it was first shown, people were hyping it to no end, then it released (for $15) and I bought it believing the hype behind it, only to be highly disappointed in it after I beat it.

It was interesting how when the game released, everybody was talking about it and literally 2 weeks later, not a word was said about it. It was forgotten in 2 weeks. That is not what I would consider amazing. This game needed replayability and it just wasn't there.

Honestly all that game was, was pretty graphics and boring gameplay.

I would much rather have a different studio work on FZero such as Nintendo themselves or Sega. But only if they keep the music score like it was during FZero X.

I do like Shin'En but FAST lacked content.

I love their Nano series though.

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Can't wait to see what these guys are working on. I still play Nano Assault Neo occasionally. Usually when I'm in the bathroom :-P