New Fortnite footage, now able to sign up for alpha

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you can sign up here

Fortnite will throw players into "scripted events and corridors," challenging you to explore the environment for resources and then build fortresses you'll use to thwart waves of enemy attackers. The game features an RPG-like progression system and "Diablo-like looting."

What's more, Fortnite will contain multiple campaigns of "varying lengths," as well as procedurally generated worlds and some kind of PvP component. You can sign up for a chance to play Fornite through its alpha at the game's website.

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sounds interesting

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wow this game is taking for ever, looks fun tho, i would like to play it

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Maybe epic should just stop talking about gears...

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That looks like team fortress 2 meets mine craft.

could be fun.

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Thank you for signing up for the Fortnite Alpha. If you are chosen, we will notify you either by e-mail or a singing telegram (but probably e-mail).

Epic still has a good since of humor

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disappointed to see every game using UE4 doesn't look impressive at all

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@silversix_ said:

disappointed to see every game using UE4 doesn't look impressive at all

In another thread I remember quoting you and saying it's not the engine but what devs do with the engine but I have to say, you're absolutely correct. The games shown so far using UE4 have been underwhelming.

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Looks like a super fun game.

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wow they announced this game forever ago

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Looks fun, will definitely keep my eye on this one. I also signed up for the alpha.

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Eeeehhh... don't really care about it anymore