Need for Speed: The Run or Hot Pursuit?

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#1 Posted by dsan224 (1552 posts) -

I'm looking to buy an arcade racer, The Run and Hot Pursuit are really similar, but which one do you guys think is better? Better in terms of single player fun/length, online, and gameplay (car handling, fun, things like that).

#2 Posted by Marka1700 (7500 posts) -
Hot pursuit by miles. It is more fun and has a far greater single player lifespan. The Run is very short and has horrible out of car sequences.
#3 Posted by mbrockway (3550 posts) -
Hot Pursuit. The Run is short and the bad story doesn't make up for it.
#4 Posted by ugoo18 (1005 posts) -

I honestly wouldn't buy either of them, i found both of them dissapointing.

#5 Posted by racing1750 (14563 posts) -
Both are meh, The least meh would be HP.
#6 Posted by lowe0 (13692 posts) -
Hot Pursuit was excellent, and should be cheaper. The Run is worth $30, but not worth passing up Hot Pursuit.
#7 Posted by lawlessx (47343 posts) -
Hot Pursuit
#8 Posted by Arach666 (23042 posts) -
Hot Pursuit.
#9 Posted by AcidSoldner (7051 posts) -
Hot Pursuit by far. The game focused on what NFS is all about, cop vs. racers. There's no bulls*** story or pointless set-pieces just pure arcade racing. It's right up there with Project Gotham Racing 4 as my favorite arcade racer this gen.
#10 Posted by Nega3 (1069 posts) -

Hot Pursuit is my favourite racing game this gen.

It's pretty hard but it's miles better than The Run.