Most satisfying gun in a game, EVER

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#51 Posted by ReadingRainbow4 (16672 posts) -

AK47 in the original CS.

#52 Edited by Zoso813 (310 posts) -

Any of the guns from Turok, Quake, Sniper from TF2, Halo: CE Sniper.

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So many youngins here.

#54 Posted by PAL360 (27379 posts) -

This shotgun:

#55 Posted by with_teeth26 (6324 posts) -
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FEAR shotguns and Rising Storm bolt action rifles

#56 Posted by PyratRum (558 posts) -
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The Particle Cannon from Wolfenstein (2009). So damn satisfying.

#57 Edited by lamprey263 (26099 posts) -

Best Weapon of the gen hands down, the Waggleton P Tallylicker...

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hopefully next gen they bring us the clothing shrink ray gun...

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#58 Posted by k2theswiss (16599 posts) -

the ones stick in my head is

1: br from halo 2

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2: smg from ODST

#59 Edited by PannicAtack (21040 posts) -

The Arctic Warfare Magnum from the Counter-Strike series. More commonly known as the AWP.

Nothin' beats that musical sound.

#60 Edited by jun_aka_pekto (17828 posts) -

I can't remember many of the guns I liked in different games. However, the regular shotgun in Doom was one.

Right now, I'm addicted to Far Cry 3. I seem to have a preference for the ACE. I like the "feel" and sound:

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#61 Edited by John_Matherson (2086 posts) -

Resistance 2 Rossmore. 'Nough said.

#62 Posted by ZoomZoom2490 (3943 posts) -

The revolver in RE1

#63 Posted by Sushiglutton (5603 posts) -

Plasma Cutter, Dead Space:

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#64 Posted by treedoor (7648 posts) -

Killing Floor has the best gunplay I've ever seen, and it's only made better by the "Zed Time" aspect (slow motion).

That game feels so good. Unfortunately every youtube video of zed time appears to have been recorded on a potato.

#65 Edited by happyduds77 (1596 posts) -

Bow from The Last Of Us

Russian bolt action sniper from Bad Company 2

#66 Posted by MonsieurX (32009 posts) -

I'm disappointed by the lack of Shark Gun mentions

#67 Edited by p3anut (5999 posts) -
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Best gun ever.

#68 Posted by Mystery_Writer (8168 posts) -


#69 Posted by Mystery_Writer (8168 posts) -

@-Unreal- said:
  • AWP from CS
  • Deagle from CS
  • Double barrel shotgun from Doom
  • Lasher from Planetside 2

^ this even better

#70 Posted by padaporra (3454 posts) -

Counter Strike is hors concours. ak74, colt, usp, glock, eagle, awp, mp5. Those have no match.

Half Life 2 has a great shotgun, one of my favorites.

#71 Posted by derrange (30 posts) -

Half-Life Gravity gun

Portal gun

But favourite one is Magnum in any Resident Evil game. When you find, you know something really bad is ahead and you are up for the task.

#72 Edited by Human-after-all (2969 posts) -

I like these 3. Not including CS guns etc.

#73 Edited by I_can_haz (6511 posts) -

Killzone games have always had the most satisfying guns in any FPS and Killzone Shadow Fall doesn't disappoint in that regard. These two guns are currently my favorite guns in any FPS. I just love the look and feel of these guns. They are difficult to aim with but when you get a kill with them or in my case multiple kills, it's so satisfying...

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#74 Edited by j2zon2591 (2385 posts) -
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BFG. That's what I thought when I saw KZ3's Arc Cannon :P

#75 Posted by sukraj (24187 posts) -

The Bow - Tomb Raider

#76 Edited by Lulu_Lulu (19038 posts) -

The shouldve littered the world with a fuckton of oppertunities to use its other features

#77 Posted by StrongDeadlift (5332 posts) -

Red Dead Redemption's High Power pistol and Mauser pistol


High Power Pistol:

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Mauser Pistol:

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#78 Edited by Spartan070 (16383 posts) -

My fav non-melee weapon in any game ever.

The Wraith: Mass Effect 3

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#80 Posted by cainetao11 (20159 posts) -

KZ2 assault rifle

Halo sniper rifle

Bow in Crysis 3

LMG in Far Cry 3

#81 Posted by kraken2109 (13255 posts) -
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Gravity gun

#82 Posted by ominous_titan (834 posts) -

The gauss emp on an Earth shaker from steel Battalion

#83 Posted by -Unreal- (24567 posts) -

Let's get something straight. The assault rifle (or battle rifle or whatever) from Halo and the guns in Killzone are all shit. Actually I think the revolver in Killzone 3 was decent. But the rest were crap. But that burst fire battle rifle in Halo is utter garbage.

#84 Posted by hiphops_savior (8079 posts) -

Finally someone mentioned the BFG from Doom.

On that note, the rocket launcher from Quake.

The light sabre

Silenced Spas-12, Black Ops 1.

#85 Posted by pelvist (5289 posts) -

I remember the DEagle in Soldier of Fortune 1 was really satisfying to shoot.

#86 Posted by Salt_The_Fries (10387 posts) -

The Ripper from Dead Space 1 and 2!!!!!!!!!! BEST EVER!

#87 Edited by Syn_Valence (1364 posts) -

Cerebral Bore Turok 2.... and the Tek Arrows from the same game

#88 Edited by uninspiredcup (13570 posts) -

Doom 2's double barrel. Obv.

#89 Posted by jg4xchamp (51366 posts) -

@JML897 said:

Doom 2's super shotgun

#90 Posted by drinkerofjuice (3625 posts) -

The shotgun from FEAR is the only correct answer.