Most of the time, do you buy games new or used?

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Posted by mrintro (1354 posts) 6 months, 15 days ago

Poll: Most of the time, do you buy games new or used? (47 votes)

New 62%
Used 19%
50/50 19%

I'm talking about most of the time. I overwhelmingly buy games used unless it's a game or developer I really like. Although recently I have been buying a lot of new games via Steam.

#1 Posted by mems_1224 (46173 posts) -

Always new. I have maybe 3-4 used games.

#2 Posted by Bigboi500 (29069 posts) -

Both. Probably about 80% of the time I buy used. The rest is 10% new day one and 10% new when they go on sale.

#3 Posted by trugs26 (5209 posts) -

Probably around 80% new. I get second hand when 1. I'm poor. 2. I feel like a game. 3. The game doesn't look like it's worth the full price tag.

#4 Edited by soulitane (13400 posts) -

New, unless they are charging incredible amounts for new copies or just not making new copies anymore.

#5 Posted by freedomfreak (38653 posts) -


I don't care about the "support the developers!!" stuff.

#6 Posted by farrell2k (5590 posts) -

This gen sucks so far, so I buy console games used as much as possible.

#7 Edited by Maddie_Larkin (6225 posts) -

New only, Never bought an used game.

#8 Edited by slipknot0129 (5484 posts) -

Used. I like buying a game for $58 used at Gamestop. So that the dev doesnt get any money from that.

#9 Posted by GoldenElementXL (2706 posts) -

The only used games I buy are retro games. And even then I buy new when I can. I just bought a new sealed copy of Windjammers For Neo Geo CD. I'm gonna open it though of course.

#10 Posted by good_sk8er7 (4320 posts) -

I'd say 75% of the time I buy new.

#11 Edited by Alcapello (654 posts) -

I mostly buy used to give others a chance to play the games as well.

#12 Posted by Boddicker (2390 posts) -

I've always bought new for the past several years once I realized the inherent shittiness of secondhand dealers like Gamestop. Sometimes I wait for a price drop though.

The only time I'll buy used is if I've bought that game new before or if it's an ultimate edition that I originally bought new (I rarely buy DLC). The devs getting my money once is enough.


I don't care about the "support the developers!!" stuff.

I've considered doing this for devs I don't like (EA, Ubi, etc.). But then again I usually hate their games so what's the point.

#13 Posted by blamix99 (1607 posts) -


#14 Posted by LegatoSkyheart (24540 posts) -

depends on which one Gamestop has on sale.

#15 Edited by Vatusus (4342 posts) -

New most of the times. Only buy used if I cant find the game anywhere new or if the price difference from new is substancial

#16 Posted by PurpleMan5000 (6811 posts) -

I only buy new unless a game is out of print. When I do buy used games, I will only purchase it if the game is in good shape, in its original case, with the manual. Sometimes I get raped because of this, but I'm sort of weird that way.

#17 Edited by SolidTy (42021 posts) -

New, I love supporting my fave developers...unless I'm tracking down some older gem from yesteryear then I have no choice but to buy used.

If I am unsure about a game, I can still find them brand new at the store for $10 or even less if you wait long enough.

#18 Posted by Thefatness16 (4672 posts) -

Used mostly. I have the Gamestop Pro card, so so I get 10% off on used games. Also you can get games pretty cheap used from third party dealers on amazon. The only time I go for new is if I picked it up day 1. I don't see any reason to go new, besides the last point.

#19 Posted by _Matt_ (8834 posts) -


used games are often a rip off in stores, with only £3 off the new asking price. I would rather support the devs/publishers than the retail stores.

#20 Posted by zeroyaoi (1876 posts) -

I'm rarely in a hurry to play games. So most of the time I buy them new, at discount price.

I'm sorry game developers. :(

#21 Posted by seanmcloughlin (38204 posts) -

Haven't bought a used game in about a year and a half I think. So I guess new

#22 Posted by blackace (19996 posts) -

It's about 50/50 for me. I but must have games that I think are worth $60 new. For the other, I just wait for the price to drop or get them on EBay 3-4 months later for 1/2 price or less.

#23 Posted by Bigboi500 (29069 posts) -

@zeroyaoi said:

I'm rarely in a hurry to play games. So most of the time I buy them new, at discount price.

I'm sorry game developers. :(


#24 Posted by AdobeArtist (22787 posts) -

There should be an option there for new, but after a price drop or two.

#25 Edited by Shielder7 (5048 posts) -

Usually new just not at full price. They usually drop to 19.99 within a year on amazon and can even go as low as 10$ for older titles or AA titles.

#26 Posted by AmazonTreeBoa (16744 posts) -

New, but never at full price. I download PC games. PS3 games I normally wait til they are $20-$30.

#27 Posted by FinalFighters (1353 posts) -

Mostly used now that im trying to save money

#28 Edited by PrincessGomez92 (3338 posts) -

Mostly new.

#29 Posted by Nengo_Flow (9376 posts) -

Last gen I bough only 2 games used out of 30

#30 Posted by PS4TrumpsXbox1 (1070 posts) -

Used. I like buying a game for $58 used at Gamestop. So that the dev doesnt get any money from that.

I literally laughed out loud on that one....

As for me I usually buy new but then trade those new games i buy within a month or two to get like 20-30 dollar credit at gamestop

#31 Posted by charizard1605 (55329 posts) -

New, unless a new copy is simply not available.

#32 Posted by lostrib (32977 posts) -

Well I'm primarily on PC, so new

#33 Posted by Gue1 (9360 posts) -

99% of the time I buy used. And the 1% is only for games I know I will like like Yakuza, Naughty Dogs, Kojima, Nomura, Level-5, etc.

#34 Posted by littlestreakier (2880 posts) -

I usually buy new. Only time I buy used is if it's an old game and new versions are hard to find.

#35 Posted by zeroyaoi (1876 posts) -

@Bigboi500: I'm always worrying about the poor devs. :p

#36 Posted by yokofox33 (29191 posts) -

98% new. I'll only buy used if that's the only option or the game is just not being produced anymore.

#37 Edited by MonsieurX (29173 posts) -

Buy new on sale.

#38 Posted by hoyalawya (340 posts) -

I always buy new to support the developers.

#39 Posted by bbkkristian (14891 posts) -

I buy new games new and old games used.

#40 Posted by AmazonAngry (945 posts) -

I don't think I've ever bought a used game.

#41 Edited by jukev2424 (244 posts) -

usually used if the price difference is more than $15, don't get how some people can buy only new games. Its expensive, and i have never have purchased a used game that hasn't worked.

#42 Edited by cainetao11 (16462 posts) -

You know, before this past summers stink about "no used tames" on X1, I made an effort to buy new only. But now that people are upset about not getting to buy used, I say fvck it. If people believe in the option, there should be no negative stigma to using said option. I started buying cheap, used games. If that makes me bad, then ok, I guess I'm like most consumers.

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#44 Edited by MirkoS77 (6990 posts) -

Always new unless I don't have a choice, or if I want the game but don't wish to support the dev/pub.

#45 Posted by Wiimotefan (4062 posts) -

If there is an option to buy used I'll take it almost every time. Very rarely do I consider a game to be so great that I feel like buying new to support the developers.

Opposite with hardware though, I never buy used consoles, controllers, handhelds, GPUs, etc...

#46 Posted by jdc6305 (3787 posts) -

Depends on how long the game is and how much dlc there is. The shorter the game and the more DLC it has the better the chance I'll buy it used dirt cheap. If I think I'm getting my moneys worth I'll buy it new.

#47 Edited by bulby_g (1006 posts) -

New, unless I can't get hold of it any more. I've had to buy a fair few JRPG's second hand as that was the only way. Pre-owned games are barely cheaper these days anyway, don't see the point in paying a few quid less and getting someone battered disk that they didn't take care of. Seems to be the case with 90% of people who sell their games.

#48 Edited by Salt_The_Fries (8278 posts) -

I've had 6 physical games from 2013 and only 1 of them was brand new, Metro Last Light. But even then I traded something for it in. I'm excellent at tracking bargains and I buy my games used most of the time. Sorry, I earn 4 times less than an average Western European or American bloke but I have to pay the same prices. Go figure. Next gen (for me) I'll buy two new games, one of which will have strong multiplayer community and I'll keep it, the other one will be SP-centric and I'll trade it in for something else upon completion and will keep doing so with every subsequent game. I'm not getting X1 until October so a lot of games I'd want will have price cuts by that time anyway.

#49 Posted by sukraj (21797 posts) -


#50 Posted by locopatho (20112 posts) -

I buy cheap, 20 euros or less about 95% of the time. If I can get a new game for that, great, if only used copies are that cheap then used it is.

I only spend full price on "megaton" games like GTA, Elder Scrolls, Mario, Zelda, what have you :)