Most impressive game at E3?

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No Man's Sky, that game looked beautiful.

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No Man's Sky, Evolve and Zelda Wii U trailer. Screw Batman.

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Witcher 3 for me. No upcoming game looks better or has me more excited.

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@donalbane said:

Witcher 3 for me. No upcoming game looks better or has me more excited.

After seeing the Witcher 3 gameplay it reminded me of how disappointing The Witcher 2 turned out to be. Instead in increasing my anticipation for this game it actually caused me to drop it from my previously most hyped multiplatform game to just a wait and see game with 0 expectation for greatness.

MGS5 now sits at the top of that list for me as far as mutiplatform games. Gameplay/cutscenes/story all seem as though they were guided by the hand of god through Kojima. Kojima is truly on some next level shit with this game and seems to be working from a truly inspired standpoint like back when he originally created MGS2.

Most impressive game = MGS5

Most important game = Bloodborne

Most amazing looking game = Uncharted 4

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I can't choose between Bloodbourne, Witcher 3, Batman or Xenoblade Chronicles X. Lots of good stuff.

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@Celtic_34: Batman, No Man Sky & Witcher 3 for me. Too bad none of these games are coming out in 2014.

For 2014, I'll take FH2, Sunset Overdrive & Master Chief Collection

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Zeruda! I know they showed merely a few seconds of a game that isn't close to finished, but damn. Open world Zelda game has me drooling. Also, really glad they went with those visuals.

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@bezza2011: "Another yoshi 2d platformer as they've always done"
This one looks to be the first good one since Yoshi's Island, and it has an absolutely adorable art style.

"A Toad game which was the same world pretty much as super mario world 3D"
Because it's based on Captain Toad's stages from 3D World, which were great. It also has gorgeous art.

"Super Smash Bros which doesn't look much different than the last"
This I'll agree with, except the changes that are there sound as though they'll be major improvements, and being Smash Bros I'm sure it's great fun to play. Also, not looking "much different than the last" doesn't seem to be a valid criticism for you to make considering how you're interested in games with the most banal, copy-pasted gameplay and settings possible.

"Bayonetta 1 and 2, for me it should of come to next gen"
It did, and if you mean PS4 and Xbone, the game wouldn't have even existed if not for Nintendo. Bayonetta has such pitch perfect gameplay and style that I don't think I could be more excited for it. The fact that both games are being packaged together with bonus content for the first is such an incredibly good deal I can't wait.

"amiibo or what ever them figures are are such a money grabber idea just like skylanders and disney infinity."
Don't care. Sounds completely optional and a kind of neat idea to dick around with. I might consider buying a couple figures.

"I don't know maybe it's because I'm older than I used to be and I've out grown the nice safe soft kiddy feel to their games"
I'm older than I use to be, and these games are much more appealing and inventive and risky than anything else I saw at E3. "Kiddy" is a shitty descriptor for anything that dares to be bright, colorful, and interesting.

"You may find Uncharted and The Order 1886 boring while I find the story and narrative to be my greatest pull in for games at the moment"
They're games, not fucking movies. If they're only interested in telling a story then they may as well drop the pretense of actually being games and just go straight to being an interactive story. That would certainly be less boring and tedious to play than yet another fucking "cinematic" cover shooter.

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I think Batman impressed me and I'm hyped for it,

Star Citizen seem's like an immense game, I'm still not exactly sure what type of game it is, seem's to be focusing alot on the space battles in their interview but then went on to say that you could be in a bar watching the events on a tv, so I just want to no how big the universe is and where can i go, but i don't want to jump on the band wagon until the full game with all it's trimmings is release because then i may think about buidling a rig to 4K specs.

No Man Sky looks like an incredible and a very ambitious game for them, I mean the guy just seemed overwhelmed of how to describe the game, and you can fly forever that is mental.

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No Man Sky, Uncharted 4, LBP3, The Division, Destiny, Batman, GTAV, and Witcher 3

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Xenoblade Chronicles X, actual gameplay on the actual hardware stated, unlike 95% of everything else. It's going to be the best JRPG of this gen like the wii one was of last gen, hundreds of hours of stunning landscapes to explore, scope many games can only dream about.

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@Pffrbt: I'm not saying it isn't adorable, or it will be a bad game but hasn't the genre just been done already, they've had the same basic gameplay since the snes, as much as i loved games like that as a kid i've grown up, it just doesn't pull me in like it used to.

I'm just tired of Nintendo being stuck in the past, all I wanted was a Wii 2.

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Ori and the Blind Forest, Halo The Master Chief Collection, Sunset Overdrive, No Man's Sky, Destiny and Rainbow Six Seige

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Not many. The short Zelda stuff looked really really impressive. Moreso what was said about it that gave it a good vibe. I'm not sure how many of you have played Mario Kart 8 but the music is absolutely incredible. One can only imagine what can be done with zelda.

Uncharted.............for being the first next gen console feeling of "no way, that's not possible."

Halo Collection...............I'm curious to see how the young ones take to Halo 2s multiplayer.

Nintendo as a whole, though, really. They put the other two to shame. For the dim witted it was kindly explained about mechanics and gameplay etc etc etc in relation to the individual.

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The Division

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Dragon Age: Inquisition

The Legend of Zelda U

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to me :

No Man Sky ( probably the only thing going on for PS4 )

Pretty much everything Nintendo showed : they have GAMEPLAY not fucking interactive shallow movie like everything else. Sure they are beautiful but once you did the story mode ... nothing else to do, trophy/acheivement hunting ? fucking boring give me in-game stuff to reward me for doing stupid side quest.

I think I'll only buy a WiiU this gen fuck everything else.

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Arkham, Splatoon, Sunset Overdrive, Bloodeborne

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I wasn't overly impressed by any one game, but if I had to choose one, then I might lean towards No Man's Sky.

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Only MGS5.