Mind≒0 | Coming to Vita May 27th

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Leaked by Gamestop:

From Aksys Games and Acquire, the studios that brought Gladiator Begins comes Mind Zero, an exciting dungeon-crawler RPG for the PlayStation Vita! Kei, a high school student is given the power of "Mind," the ability to control a persona with powerful abilities. However, "Mind" is much more than it seems. With the government and others tracking them down, what will Kei and his friends discover about themselves, but more importantly, about this mysterious power?


  • 50+ Hours of Gameplay - Mind Zero offers not only replayability, but non-stop action! Complete the game and unlock a new dungeon to play!
  • Mind Blowing Battle System - Mind Zero's battle system offers players challenging action. To succeed learning to use your "Mind" and mind is pivotal.
  • Free Roaming Map - Allows players to buy items, advance the story or enter dungeons to level up!
  • Unique Characters & Moves - Each party member has a unique "Mind" and abilities. Switch out party members to advance their skills and master all characters!
  • A Compelling Story - Mind Zero is not only action-packed game, but a complex, suspenseful story. Delve deep into the mythos and compelling characters as the story unfolds.

Japanese Trailer:

It's great that this didn't get stuck in Japan. I'm a big fan of the illustrator and the game gives off too many Persona vibes for me not to play it.

Interested, System Wars?

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I forgot this game exists. Really wanted it back when it was announced. Need Vita!

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You had me at aksys.

I like my 3ds and all but I love my vita so much more because of games like this thanks to aksys, nis, and atlus where I can play a lot of obscure games that are actually different instead of the same old shit.

Ys memories of celceta is getting cracked open next for my vita after I finish up curry god. Damn with demon gaze, conception 2 and dangranopa coming out on the vita soon Ill be swmming in stuff to play on it.

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Nice.Something that looks and plays like persona is just the thing to keep me busy till Persona 5

Will definitely keep an eye on this.

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Sweet, can't wait

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this game had terrible reviews, so i wouldn't get so hyped

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@Sweenix said:

this game had terrible reviews, so i wouldn't get so hyped

terrible as in 3-4/10 or 6-7/10?

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Aksys hnnng

Time to find some gameplay footage