Microsoft: Console Gaming Is not Dead In Japan

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Looks like the xbox one will save console gaming in japan

Thank you microsoft

... Xbox boss Phil Spencer. Speaking with GameSpot at the Game Developers Conference last week, Spencer, who heads up Microsoft Studios, said he's optimistic about console gaming in Japan.

"Well, I don't think the number of gamers in Japan has gone down. We obviously haven't launched [the Xbox One in Japan] yet. I'll say we're doing more development in Japan right now than we've probably done in quite a while," Spencer said. "But the development community, I actually feel like there's a lot of great talent there for console games."

"I don't believe that console gaming is dead in Japan. I'm not Japanese, so I'm not the best person to talk about why I believe that. I don't have any kind of natural connection to it. But knowing my friends there and the things that they're interested in, and the games that are built there, I think we've got to find some genres of games that re-emerge," he added.

Overall, Spencer stressed that the Japanese market is "critical" and even teased that Microsoft has first-party games in development in the region.

"We remain committed to the Japanese market," Spencer said. "And I know our launch is a little further out, but we're going to be at Tokyo Game Show again, we've got first-party games being developed in Japan, and just as a creative entity itself, the Japanese development community, it's critical for us in the industry that we continue to invest there and see great games come out.

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Good that they are. Variety doesn't hurt.

I doubt Xbox will change anything in Japan though.

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They're sure as hell going to need those first party games. They did have them last generation and the 360 basically circled the drain.

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Japan is a dead stick as far as consoles go...............

Move along nothing to see here.

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I'm glad that they're taking a bigger approach, and I don't disagree. Much of the Japanese have moved onto handheld or on-the-go gaming, but the console gaming isn't completely gone.

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Nice to see the games. For the gamers. As far as Japan being saved by an American company. I'm going to have to go with no.

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It is for Microsoft.

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Yeah Japan is basically handheld land now. A sale is still a sale though so why not launch everywhere you could.

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If the Wii-U and the PS4 isn't doing that well in Japan which mind you the Japanese gamers only like consoles that are made in their country and also the fact that they are only into handhelds, then we all know how "well" the XBOX One will do there.

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In terms of their consoles, it is.

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They don't say lol

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If WiiU or PS4 can't manage to muster any hype I doubt MS will, funny they think it will.

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Microsoft will probably control Japanese gaming from now on.

Since Sony biggest enemy continues to be PS4 and Vita.

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With enough effort, maybe the number of Xbones sold will reach double digits in Japan...

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Japan still love their consoles maybe not much anymore

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It's dead as shit for the Xbone, though.

Really want to see Spencer's smug grin wiped off his face when it flops in September.

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Why Microsoft talk so much since DRM butthurt?

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It is a polite way to say they want to put some effort on Japanese market instead of doing completely nothing.

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Yeah, Spencer to me seems like the most no-nonsense guy in the biz actually.

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We have to stop kidding ourselves. Japanese console gaming has gone or is heading in a different direction. Apart from it being Japanese, I'm not sure of the appeal of the PS4 in Japan, as they don't go after graphics physics and AI there, the PS2 would still be on top there if it was getting full support.

I don't expect the X1 to be any more successful at all, unless any of it's extra abilities (Kinect/Cloud) are used to enhance the Japanese core games.

I like to read an article on the Japanese mindset, what they look for in games, it's hardware and what matters to them, although I'm aware handhelds are a bigger deal, but why. It would be interesting to me.

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Unfortunately it would be nice to see Microsoft do well with their console over there but the Japanese make me so angry, how could you possibly want handhelds to replace consoles? Let them rot I say.

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Gaming is dead nobody has integrity anymore everyones turned into a greedy polesucker and it's not about the gameplay anymore just cash only.

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MS doesn't really sell in Japan so I think your hyperbole is misplaced....

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Spencer was the second smuggest bitch in the industry after Tretton. Now's Tretton's going Spencer is now the King of Smug.

Funny how most of his job these days involves keeping lemming peckers up on Twitter.

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I know they are putting a lot of effort in the land of the rising sun, but probably will be a giant waste of time. Maybe Mr. Katarugi can fill us in on how the Japanese are only into Hentai and only that.

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It's a waste of time and effort to even release in Japan.

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I know its a long shot but if m$ acquires some first party Japanese devs, then they will have my money this gen

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@Opus_Rea-333 said:

Microsoft will probably control Japanese gaming from now on.

Since Sony biggest enemy continues to be PS4 and Vita.

How do you figure that, the biggest seller in Japan right now is 3DS and other portables, if the WiiU or PS4 can't even manage to sell what they are expecting how do you expect Xbone to, Japan has moved on from consoles, Portables and other stuff is where it's at, sadly console gaming is stale in japan and MS won't change that.

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The Japanese are not going to buy a console that only understands English(Kinect). Neither is the rest of the world. I laugh when lemmings try and say the X1. Will sell as much a the PS4, when it releases world wide.

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if ps4 and wii u cant pull off great numbers, ms is going to do worse. this reminds me of their push with the 360. it wasnt lack of effort (i loved lost odyssey) but the japanese market only game on handheld. they dont like playing games at home now for some reason

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wow what a waste of time. lol

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The japanese exclusive should help I guess

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they need to make final fantasy15 or metal gear solid5 exclusive to make any kind of dent...but that will never happen.