Master Cheif Sxxks at Halo :(

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enjoy :) lol got to love ventrilo chat :P

#2 Posted by 6matt6 (9724 posts) -
:lol: hilarious
#3 Posted by Neal_Gore (416 posts) -
Send that fella to Bollywood to make some movies!!!
#4 Posted by Smakkjoo (1801 posts) -


"ima camp over here and pwn everyone!1!11 lolololllloloolololol"

Game over

F*** :[

#5 Posted by Wallace_Green (1778 posts) -
That was so great. Best ^%$@ing youtube video ever
#6 Posted by OldParr (2996 posts) -
seriously i dont see the funny.its kind of stupid IMO
#7 Posted by thehiddendoubt (204 posts) -
It's been posted here before... but still as hilarious as when i first saw it:)
#8 Posted by lespaul1919 (7074 posts) -
best youtube video ever. that and the gay halo one.
#9 Posted by StephenHu (2852 posts) -
rofl i liked that
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at was the most funny video ive seen in weeks way to go it was laugh till ya crie funny my stomach hurts lmfao
#11 Posted by alfy13 (3600 posts) -
ventrilo chat for the win