Let's not jinx things...

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...but who here still has their Day 1 next gen beast without ANY issues as of yet. Name your system and if any known issues, what were they; what was the outcome of the issue.

:sigh: I'll begin, Day 1 PS4 not one single issue. GO

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ps4. no issues.

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Two Day One Xbox Ones. Still rocking on without a scratch. Going to pick up a third for my office at work. Good times ahead!!!!!

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launch ps4- no problems though i feel that the fans are going to run extra loud during the summer.

xbox 1 titanfall bundle- works like a charm assuming the kinect (yea i know im sooo anti kinect but im trying it out to be fair) works 30% of the time when i want it to turn on and 100% of the time when i want it to turn off or sign in/sign out. but if its supposed to work more than that then my kinect is broken

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Let's not jinx things...

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Launch day PS4, no issues.