Lemrats, be honest. Are you scared?

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After reading countless posts from rodents at GameSpot and other gaming communities about how the Xbone is selling "well" and that this will be another "close generation", I can't help but think that this is just a psychological defense mechanism to protect lemrats' sanity.

I don't mean to harm victims of sexual abuse, but you ever notice how many of them refuse to believe that daddy didn't fiddle them? "NO!!! DADDY WOULD NEVER DO THAT!!!" From my perspective, it's a similar knee-jerk reaction from the lemming faction. Numbers don't lie. The Xbox brand is a sinking ship.

I know many of you will say "LULZ VGCHARTZ" (I'm looking at you, MonsieurX), but I retort by claiming that VGChartz's numbers have very low margin of errors and can be taken as the truth when we're talking about numbers in the hundreds of thousands. To most people 140,000 is about the same as 142,000.

As you can see, the PS4 is selling nearly 3 times Xbone numbers. Hell, the PS4 is selling more in NA than the Xbone is selling world-wide.

Even in the online/multiplayer space where the 360 dominated last-gen, the PS4 is absolutely destroying the Xbone. Personally, it takes ages for me to find a match with more than 15 people on BF4.

If current sales trends persist, it wouldn't be too much of a stretch to think that 3rd party exclusives may make a comeback this gen, and they won't be on the Xbone. Software sales on the Xbone are too low and development budget is too high since the Xbone is too hard to dev for. Most studios will think it would be more financially sound to concentrate on just the PS4 version.

I know I'm biased, but I can't think of any way for Microsoft to save the Xbone. Once the first 3rd party exclusives make their round, sales on the Xbone will drop lower than the Wii U's. At least Nintendo has charming 1st party games. Xbone has nothing but mediocre Halo.

So I ask again: Lemrats, are you terrified of the Xbox's future?

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ITT TC crying for attention.

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i'd be scared too if people started calling me a "lemrat" =P

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@freedomfreak said:


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lol VGchartz

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VG Chartz isn't a good source of information. What is a good source is walking into any retailer only to see the PS4 completely sold out while stacks of Xbox One consoles just sit there like a Sega Saturn.

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VG shartz?

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@Murderstyle75 said:

VG Chartz isn't a good source of information. What is a good source is walking into any retailer only to see the PS4 completely sold out while stacks of Xbox One consoles just sit there like a Sega Saturn.

You guys keep saying this, yet time after time, VGChartz's numbers continue to have error margins in the mere hundreds.

I'd say they're pretty reliable. As someone with a keen and an acute business acumen, I feel that SONY will try to make GTA VI an exclusive on the PS4. With the pitiful marketshare of the Xbone, it wouldn't be outside the realms of reality.

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Q: Do you even own a PS4?

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Im liking this new Troll account TC


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Child molestation and incest? Classy...

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OP, I agree with you that the lems are indeed owned but VGChartz, seriously? There are better sources like NPD that show the Quad is dominating lemmings' lives.

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Noble is quite a suitable word for you to have in your name because you argon.

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Also, i'm not entirely sure lemmings deserve to be molested as children, eh.

That's a bit much.

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VGChartz...fanboy wars...??

well this thread just sucks all around, doesnt it? smh

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@clyde46: lol, that gif was awesome. On topic, were you scared when 360 was outselling ps3, TC? What were you scared of/not scared of? That your console would just stop working because of the sales? No, that was RROD and PS hardware issues. So what is there to be scared of? That anonymous people on the internet will act like they're on the gold medal winning hockey team, when all any of us are is customers. We're not loved, or paid by Sony, MS, or Nintendo.

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Lol stupid cow thread.

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Child Molestation and incest? You are taking fanboy to a whole other level. It's sad to see someone who has literally no vested interest in either one of these companies allow their "war" to consume them so much like this.