LBP creativity has no end.

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"Coding" in LBP is more difficult than coding in real life.

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@Desmonic: LBP, in create mode, uses operations that function the same as common codes. AND, OR, NOT operations. The hard part is creating the object to have a tag and receiver that has synergy with the operations. For that reason creating sprite games are much more flexible and easier. So I give the person who made this a lot of credit.

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LBP vita amazes me every time I play. I really need to get back to playing it.

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I'm not sure copying someone else's work really counts as creativity

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@Desmonic said:

@bbkkristian: Really? That's pretty cool actually. I honestly just assumed it was a "deep" map editor, nothing more. Though I did find it odd how some of those levels managed to be created without changing the "rules" of the regular LBP gameplay :P

The more you know!

He's still being overly dramatic though ;)

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I tried. I downloaded it when it was on ps+ one month. I couldn't get into it.

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@lostrib said:

I'm not sure copying someone else's work really counts as creativity

Considering that he is doing it on LBP then believe me this guy deserves a lot of credit maybe not for creativity but for hard working making this copy on LBP probably took him 20X the time and effort which took the original creator on smartphones.

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This kind of work seems like it might be better applied in actual game development rather than "playing" LBP.

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Project Spark is the new king of creativity.

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wait till you get project spark

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@Desmonic: hah, I meant creating sprite games on unity :) my bad. If you don't understand, I meant: "for that reason creating sprite games on game engines such as unity is much more flexible and easier" that should make more sense.

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Too bad all of the creativity is used to cover up shoddy foundations and poor coding.

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Wasn't this also recreated on DSi with Petit Computer?

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@ButDuuude: That looks pretty good

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I go in the lpb community about once a week to check for new content that's been created. I'm surprised that players still turning stuff out.

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see, Vita has "games"

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Ha that's freakin awesome, I should really go back and play some of these community built levels.

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I did not know people could do all that stuff in LBP. 0___0 Not sure they make it work but it's sick!

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@nyzma23 said:

wait till you get project spark

another MS copy. Unfortunate that xbox community is not as creative and intelligent as playstation, most of game will be copy and paste of LBP. We already saw this in trailer.

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@Mr-Kutaragi: I don't think that is a fact. Plus you don't need intelligence to be creative.