Kingdom Hearts 3 Trailer to be revealed later this month

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Creator of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts 3 revealed in the PlayStation 4 magazine that a new video for KH3 to be shown later this month with an interview with the creator

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I thought playing Kingdom Hearts 1.5 would have gotten me excited for a third one, but all it did was bring my hype down. The game hasn't aged well at all. Maybe a 2.5 would help since I'm sure that aged a bit better.

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I just want to throw this out from stopping people from getting TOO hyped.

We were promised new footage of Final Fantasy XV at TGS, and we did. A whopping 2 seconds of it, literally.

I'm remaining cautious about this new "trailer," and am expecting nothing but talk about what the game will be, rather than showing off what they have done (which is next to nothing.)

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Releasing a trailer for a game that you've barely gotten started on. Same old Square-Enix, huh?

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....oh classic square enix make an announcement that they will later on announce when a trailer will be shown.

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What's the point if it's not going to come out for like 4+ years?

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Square Enix makes epic trailers. They probably have more people making trailers than actually working on the game roofles

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Can't wait.

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Yay! Hopefully it reveals something interesting.

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Im excited to see it, but isnt the game still in pre develoment?

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It will most likely be a trailer for 2.5, not 3.

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Cant wait

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Its really to keep the fans calm and quiet for the immense wait that awaits them.

But I welcome the trailer, but I hope it's more of a teaser.

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Yes! I can't wait. Almost more excited for this than the PS4 itself.

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Looking forward to it. This is my most hyped game for the PS4/One.

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Why are they bothering showing trailers off for a game that is no where near completion? We probably aren't going to see this game in it's full glory until late 2015. Maybe longer.

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Cool hopefully the game will be released in two years and not longer...

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Why? I thought they said they haven't even started the game or something like that?

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I wouldn't get my hopes up...

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This should be good.

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High hopes.

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When S-E offers you anything "new" you have to keep your expectations in check.

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consider me hyped

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These mother******s don't need to be releasing no trailers for a game they barely started working on.