Killzone 4 or Titanfall? What shooter are you looking forward to more?

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Nothing of titanfall that iv seen gives me interest. KZ has proven to me with 2&3 that the mp is awesome so imma go with that.

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@BlackShirt20 said:

Titanfall 8 nominations 6awards

Killzone 8 nominations 0 awards

I will take common sense and go with Titanfall!

maybe you should make a decision for yourself insted of going with what gets the most awards which at the end of the day mean jack.

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I have no interest in either.

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I may get Titanfall for my PC, but I'm more interested in Killzone at the moment. I hope that the single player campaign is as fun as it looks to be...

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killzone... not interested in Titanfall at all. What I've seen from the game looks boring to me. If anything I'm looking forward to BF4 more than both. Which is funny considering I thought BF3 was shit.

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KILLZONE!!! It just makes me feel like saying "It's not a Toomah!" or "Get to da Choppa". So you know...feels like the boss himself.

Titanfall on the other hand feels like you're running and jumping around like you have a T@mpon stuck in you. lol

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Wonder Woman knows the obvious.

"Definitely Killzone. The only shooter series that takes skill. Attempting to cover up another CoD with robots will not fool anyone."

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Wouldn't mind both. But if I had a gun to my head forcing me to choose, it'd be Killzone: Shadow Fall. As awesome as the mech/pilot combat seems to be in Titanfall, the lack of SP campaign is what narrowly puts it below KZ:SF on my radar.

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Titanfall looks bland, bad, and ugly. Killzone Shadowfall looks gorgeous and isn't trying to go all-out doing gimmicks with mechs and parkour.

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Titanfall for the MP, I'd be more interested in Killzone for the SP.

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None. One lacks SP and the other is KZ.

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Cows will choose killzone because they are still butthurt that titanfall is an x1 exclusive.

Oh well hope you all get titanfall 2

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Killzone. Will never buy another shooter without single player.

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Us cows will choose killzone shadow fall because we'll get to enjoy it this month. Lemmings will wait 6-12 months and choose titanfall in 720p, because thats' all lemming do these days - is wait for games!

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cows will be cows... titanfall is a new insanely hyped and awarded ip, the mediocre kz series is kept alive based on its exclusivity alone. No wonder its a desert online, its shit. Will still buy because... besides BF4, what else am i gonnna buy?

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@Douevenlift_bro said:

PS4: It gets both.

@AtariKidX said:

Killzone 3 did most titanfall is doing and it has a SP, so KZ

I agree.................KZ4. Titanfall it will also be on PS4&PC.....KZ4 it will not be on XBone/PC......PS4 is the winner.

Poor cows so sure Titanfall would be on PS4 lol.

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@Evo_nine said:

Cows will choose killzone because they are still butthurt that titanfall is an x1 exclusive.

Oh well hope you all get titanfall 2

Since when has TitanFall ever been an X1 exclusive? Am I missing something here?

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LOL look at all these sorry cows in damage control. Such classic delusion and denial and tasty tears brings much joy to my life.

The whole "Nothing about Titanfall interest me." And who can forget that classic butthurt hit "Titanfall looks like crap, I will get it for the PC." This is all music to my ears.

The problem is, the BS these cows are dropping, or show I say cow pies? Anyway the crap these cows are throwing around is getting so thick it's almost unbelievable.

First off, KZ:SF has nothing on Titanfall. Why do I say this? Because all the hype surrounding this KZ game is that fact there is a serious lack of library for the PS4. There is nothing outside of KZ that anyone is remotely interested in for the PS4.

The gameplay hasn't changed since KZ:2, It's a shooter that runs at 30FPS......That is a huge no no. I and many others don't care that the multiplayer runs at 60fps, why? Because "KZ multiplayer is amazing " - said no one......ever.

Titanfall on the other hand is considered the next big thing. The game that is going to set a new standard for gameplay. You will not find one credible reviewer who has played Titanfall and hear anything bad about it.

Titanfall broke records at E3. Titanfall won best game, best gameplay, best shooter and best multiplayer AMONG MANY OTHER AWARDS at both E3 and GameCon. KZ:SF hasn't won a single award at any multimedia convention.

Titanfall will smash KZ in every way. From MS to sales. Not only that, I hope most you PS4 homers buy it for the PC like you claim.....Because you will need windows live, an extension of Xbox Live. So please buy the game and support Microsoft!

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@multipass35 said:

Pointless lem babble

points out how ridiculous cow claims are

makes own lem claims, equally as ridiculous

claims to be speaking from a factual point of view

Sounds legit.

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i know the cows are jealous, They definitely wanted to play it, but i have noticed as soon as EA announced its definitely not coming to cow land they turned bitter against Titanfall. Calling it bland, ugly and a dressed up Call of Duty.

But here are the facts

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@Evo_nine said:
Killzone 4. I wasn't impressed by Titanfall but maybe that will change by it's release next year.FlamesOfGrey

So you dont like it because its an xbox exclusive, but if it comes to PS4 you'll like it.


I can see where this thread is going.

lol the game is avalible on PC numbnuts

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I'm already playing it--it's called BF4.

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Not really hyped for either game. Would possibly pick them up later in a big sale or something.

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@_Matt_ said:

@Evo_nine said:

Cows will choose killzone because they are still butthurt that titanfall is an x1 exclusive.

Oh well hope you all get titanfall 2

Since when has TitanFall ever been an X1 exclusive? Am I missing something here?

Cows love to call Planetside 2, DCUO and Warframe exclusive

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Battlefield 4 and Destiny will be my FPS fix, plus I still need to get Shadow Warrior.

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Games without Singleplayer will never last .... just like pop music

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Lol @ killzone.

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Wonder Woman face palms.

"The Oracle has predicted another generation of lemmings relying on multiplats."

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@Douevenlift_bro said:

PS4: It gets both.

TitanFall is not coming to the PS4.

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The one that actually looks exciting to play.

So, Titanfall.

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I didn't care for the Killzone series. I was bored with them rather quickly. I'm gonna say Titanfall looks better. Will be picking it up for PC.

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@TruthArisen: you know what keeps running through my mind over and over? Where is my sandwich?

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Neither really.

Killzone is garbage.

Titanfall looks like it's trying to do something different which give's it a few points.

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Killzone, it has a single player and isnt being held back by the Xbox 360.

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Killzone because I hated the first 3 just like eveyone else but this one will be different.

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Wonder Woman smiles.

"You know what runs through mine?

By the gods, is that small. :) "

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@muffin2020: lol no I actually had an account that I never used. I may play the game on PC

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Titanfall for PC.

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That's a tough one. I love me some kz, really digging mercenary now. Titanfall looks to be a blast though. I'm glad I'll end up playing both.

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I think Titanfall looks like the better game but I'd probably rather play Killzone because it has an offline mode.

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@robotapple said:

The most critically acclaimed game in E3 history, with jet packs, parkour and mechs made by the creator of COD4


another Killzone, the king of generic and mediocre shooters?

Yeah because COD4 was not generic right?? u kidding me?

COD4 is definition of generic. and open the trend of generic, done to death shooters. and its success is basically destruction of FPS. sadly most ppls think its revolutionized FPS genre and being treat as best FPS of all time..

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Killzone, Titanfall doesn't look appealing. My brother may download it when it's released on the PC. COD Ghost also doesn't appeal to me. But Killzone, now that looks epic both graphics and action :D

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Titanfall. I've always thought that Killzone series was lacking something that makes each shooter unique. Just seems generic to me.

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Wonder Woman ponders.

" Is this what, you mortals, typically call butthurt?"

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Here's hoping that the FPS genre will die down a little this gen and hopefully another genre can get more popularity and attention.

To answer the question, I'm looking forward to them equally, which is hardly much at all.