Kevin Butler gets sued by Sony

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Go to and you will see.

Sorry, I can't post the link, my computer won't let me copy and paste for some reason.

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yeah we had a few lengthy threads on this already.. damn shame too as he was sonys only memorable advertising this gen...

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OMG!! the shock

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Sure is fat.
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Saw this before... it sickens me, that Sony would do this.

I can just imagine the poor families of Insomniac games and other devs that now develop for multiple platforms

getting strange calls at all hours of the night... "Hey, you, yeah we know wheya you lib, we watch you long time... *click*"

"HONEY, HONEY.... I just got this c.."

"yeah sweetie, its Kaz, just go back to sleep"

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time to get a plastic surgery Kevin so you can appear on television again , right now you are sonys product :D