Kept getting owned from a girl on GTAO

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I put a $10k bounty on her and someone eventually killed her doe. :)

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pics or it didn't happen

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You should ask her out, it kinda worked for me

One of my best friends, is actually a person who i met on uncharted 3, she lives a bit away though

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There's no shame in getting pwned by Mrs. 500 Watts.

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Why is this in SW though?

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@CyberLips said:

Why is this in SW though?

Cause Op is a faggot?

Dunno, lol this is more blog material.

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lol percech in love..

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W-why were you being so tsundere, percech-sama? >.<

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Because subconsciously you want to get owned by a girl.

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Cool story

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You mean to say a girl beat you in a video game? And this is post worthy?

Just... wow.

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How did you know she was a girl :3?

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Thanks for sharing...

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And we care because...?

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How do you know she is a girl? Could be a dude posing as a girl....

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Internet rules:

Guy = Guy

Girl = Guy

Boy = FBI

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Nice blog ya got there.