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It is over. With the recent January sales data, it is obvious that SONY has won the console generation and that the Xbone will be lucky to edge past the Wii U.

After years of being railed last generation, SONY has come full bound. The King has reclaimed its crown and he's taking no prisoners.

The Xbone never had a chance. With the genius Mark Cerny at the helm of PS4's design, there was nothing Microsoft could do to change their predicament. Even if Microsoft spend their entire fortune on the Xbone R&D, no engineer at Microsoft would have been smart enough to topple Cerny's amazing design.

This is destiny. This is God's will. The King has come back.

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Cerny really set the new standard for the industry,

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Shut up. The generation just started. And it is this very mentality which lead to the poor PS3 launch. If you want Sony to dominate again next gen, you better shake off that thought and hope Sony does as well

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Isn't he same guy that made knack lol

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Username: Noblecow.

Totally not a troll.

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Isn't he same guy that made knack lol

Its pretty apparent he is a better architect for hardware than game designer.

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Oh no. This hasn't ended. It has only just begun.

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I hope this thread is over soon

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Total SDC

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@lostrib said:

I hope this thread account is over soon

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