Is Anything Missing?

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I constantly see people on various forums say that the next gen systems have few games. Then I take a look and see that this new gen actually has so many games already out and announced that I'm hard pressed to think of a favorite series of mine that has yet to be announced for the new gen. I originally was going to say Mass Effect, but that's been announced already.

I've been a gamer for 28 years now and I've never seen this many quality games available to systems this early in their lifespan. So what's missing that isn't out or hasn't been announced as coming to the next gen systems?

Seriously think about it and then answer why you think there are few games for the new generation if that's your mind set.

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MegaMan :'(

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It's definitely way better than the launch year for 360 and ps3, which was bad. Standards just go up though.

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Maybe people want exclusive games and not old indie ports and other various multiplats/timed exclusives/bonus DLC

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I agree, so many remasters.

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@Telekill: mostly agreed with you there sir, I feel the 'no games' argument for this new generation of consoles even used now just holds no weight.

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What most people here don't realise is that the majority of gamers play multiplats like COD and NBA.

Game forums make up a very small % of gamers. We might be 10% at best.

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People in forums like this like to inflate the value of exclusives and since neither console has many of those, they have no games.

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Yeah what other folks said. They've loads of good games, but they are mostly multiplats, last gen ports, indie games, or some combo of that.

People need proper, next gen exclusives to get more excited.

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Have you e ever heard of Backwards Compativility ?

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My bad... Backwards Compatibility.

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It's just a lame excuse by the poor, cheap or casual gamers out there who haven't stepped in to current gen yet.

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Announcements of Non Kinect Rare games would be supah big in my book, Conker, Banjo etc.

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I'm having a great time with PS4 and even X1..WiiU could of been passed on.

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Way to shut the trolls up. I 100% agree.

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My friend, I have both a Playstation 4, an XboxOne and an incredibly powerful pc with Geforce something or another.

Currently I'm playing Planescape Torement, after re-completing AVP 2000.

The fact of the matter is, new games are shite.

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@-paranorman- said:

MegaMan :'(

how would a new megaman game be like right now though? i can't imagine it would be the same 2 hour 10 stages + tutorial stage game it usually is. That's not enough for 60 or 40 dollars for a retail release.