im starting to think their is a conspiracy among developers

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to purposely fu*k the pc version of their game, to make us get consoles.......

ubisoft pc ports in perticular...... they don't optimize worth a sh*t, and make PC rely on brute force (even though most the time super high end pc brute force is better then console optimization)...... and most the time, they dont even release a pc verison

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maybe they think you'll take the initiative yourselves to mod your games

maybe it's easier for them to develop for fixed hardware like the consoles, than it is to worry about various hardware configurations that might exist on a PC

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Or maybe it's harder to optimise for millions of different hardware and software configurations.

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^ maad creepy brah

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there is no conspiracy they simply don't give a fuck. Go buy a new card.

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I'm starting to think about why you're not banned yet

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i just think there is not a lot of effort put into them because of piracy and/or there is not enough money in them to go the extra mile

now granted that is just an off the cuff knee jerk reaction but for real.

why do pc ports suck so badly so often?

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@lostrib said:

Shut up, troll.

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pc gamers get the best version of games because PC is the lead platform this gen, or at least thats what hermits kept saying.

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Support Sony and Microsoft through Playstation and Xbox Brands!

Give nothing to Nintendo and Give only Half-Hearted Ports to PC!

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Not a conspiracy.

I think most of the devs/publishers that are guilty of making bad PC games were "bigger" names when PC was in its downfall during the rise of broadband (before digital distribution came about). Back when piracy was huge, and consoles were the answer.

A lot of devs/pubs still treat the PC as if it's still like that, and just don't care to make their games worth-buying on PC even though the PC has been going through a boom lately.

Luckily it's just a very small handful that do this, but still. That's how it's always felt to me. It doesn't help that companies like Ubisoft have constantly berated the PC platform for the last 8 years for being an haven for piracy. It's not really a surprise their efforts on the platform are bad.

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The herms aren't going to like this, but once people stop pirating so many PC games (more so than console) then I'm sure they'd put in the effort. Otherwise it'l be a lazy port by low tier devs because resources get wasted when people steal their games. Why should they put their best people on the job when they could train interns?

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@lostrib said:

Shut up, troll.

seconded. Apparently he got tired trying to pass you need 3 780ti's to beat PS4 and decided to pass pc ports are mostly unoptimized or that we dont get games

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I have some questions for the MODS following the GS makeover.

1) Is spamming this shit for threads now allowed?

2)Do any MODS still come here?

3)Will we ever got a min level to create posts again?

4)Do you think the changes to the above are why so many people have left?

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The PC ports of games make much less than their counterparts. Why should they spend so much time optimizing them for such varying hardware? Be grateful that you even get console ports. lol.

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@Gue1 said:

there is no conspiracy they simply don't give a fuck. Go buy a new card.

Lazy console developers confirmed?

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It is harder to develop for a PC, b/c that term is often a fallacy. We act like PC is a thing, like the PS4. It is nothing like the PS4 though. PC is millions of variations. What do people think is easier a single target or millions?

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You wouldn't happen to have any tin foil would you?