IGN: Every Sony-Owned Studio, From Worst to Best

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Here’s the thing about Sony: it owns a bunch of developers.
The company controls over a dozen PlayStation-exclusive studios around the world, with several more having been closed in recent years.

There’s a lot of talk about which of these developers is the best. Everyone has an opinion. But what if you looked at each studio only through the lens of the reviews they receive? We did just that, ranking each Sony-owned studio – both present and defunct – by nothing more than the average of the Metacritic scores their games earned.

Here’s what we came up with. (Please note: defunct Sony-owned studio 989 and current Sony-owned studio Sony London are not included in this list. 989’s offerings are too old for Metacritic scores [and its spirit is alive and well at Sony San Diego]; Sony London’s numbers are skewed due to its focus on the mainstream, casual gamer.)


  • Founded: 1993 (as Polys Entertainment)
  • Status: Active
  • Current Project(s): Gran Turismo 6 (PS3)
  • Games Released: 11 (9 with scores)
  • Average Metacritic Score: 85.2
  • Ranking: 4th


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naughty dog is by far the best studio right now for sony, aint nobody got time for littlebigplanet

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These are the types of articles gaming websites should put out - comprehensive reviews of video games and systems. Something that the normal consumer can utilize and something that is also a very in-depth good look at a system and development studios.

This is a great article from IGN.

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Media Molecule so far has been really consistent. They deserve a really high spot for LBP. Naughty Dog, if you take only their recent games, beat Media Molecule for sure on the Meta scale.

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Ranking them by Metacritic is not the best way to do it since it punishes studios that make more games and take more risks. My personal top 5:

1. Naughty Dog

2. Santa Monica

3. Media Molecule

4. Japan Studio

5. Sucker Punch

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I didn't know that Sony owned so many studios. Fantastic article.