I want to get a high powered gaming comp

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Any advice is awesome! I have a friend that could potentially build one for me, the only problem with that is I cant put a warranty on it, and im no computer genius! I am willing to spend over 800-1000 dollars on one, any advice is greatly appreciated, any pointers is greatly appreciated

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So you come on system wars to ask??? The home of raging biased fanboys it's only a matter of time until someone ignores what you asked and tells you to get a ps4 or an Xbox and that's right before it devolves into a pc vs console passing contest.

You want great advice on PC hardware goto the forums on places like An and tech,overclockers or guru 3 or many other hardware sites you would get much better advice.

Unless your gonna start trolling in which case nevermind :p

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Wise choice, ps4 and xbone are trash compared to PC.

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