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After over a decade, you won't find and characters more refined that those of Dynasty Warriors. These people are based off of a play which is based off of real life. From the Wei is Cao Cao fighting to control the chaos of China in his own way. Viewed as a villian, stopping at nothing to gain control. Eventually the family of his adviser usurped the title of emperper and formed the Jin Dynasty. From the Shu is Lie Bie fighting for the will of the people, trying to restore the han dynasty and returning order to the land. The next generation sold itself out to Wie.. Does anyone really care about Wu? Their family only seemed cursed and never achieved as much greatness as the other famillies. They eventually sold themsevles to the Jing family.

Marcus cried after Dom cried.

Kratos raged agaisnt everyone just because he killed his own family.

Link and Mario are only after "we know what" but never get anything.

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I never say this, but.... blog it? I don't see how this possibly applies to anything.

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All three systems are going about it the wrong way. There should be a fourth "system" which spiritualizes 3rd party games. That way they are not pushed into one system or another, but viewed as a 3rd party title, which; neither of the three own. Just a title by itself which is not coralled to one of the three for reviewing.

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I somewhat agree OP, but this thread needs a better title.
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Most titles are vague to gain interest in people browsing the front page.

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Most titles are vague to gain interest in people browsing the front page.

Just put PC/Xbox/WiiU/PS3/3DS/Vita suck. 10 page thread inc.