How safe is it to swallow a 3DS cartridge whole?

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It recently came to my attention that somebody I know is planning on swallowing his copy of Ocarina of Time for the 3DS.

He told me it will be a fitting tribute to a game series he loves so much, to have it always be "inside" of him. I told him that's not how digestion works and that the cartridge would pass through his body within a day or two, but he argued that since our bodies extract nutrients from food there would be some type of infusion taking place, where he would absorb some of the coding from the game into fat reserves or bone marrow or something else.

Apparently he originally wanted to do it with the gold cartridge of the N64 original, but he thought that breaking it apart and eating it in pieces would reduce the chance of anything coming from it.

I tried explaining how it was a bad idea, but he assured me that he checked into the science of it and digesting small quantities of plastic would cause negligible damage at best, and he thinks any "minor stomachache" that may result will be far outweighed by the satisfaction of knowing that part of his favorite game is always within his spirit.

He's planning on doing this with liquor, too. After showing me this chart...

... he said that since the liver and stomach are so close together, it would increase the chances of Zelda code spreading to other areas of his body if pieces of it travel the same route as the alcohol does for digestion.

I really think he should just get a Zelda tattoo and be done with it, but I know little about the nuances of the digestive system (though I obviously know you can't absorb something's power just be eating it), and because of that I don't think he gave my opinion much credence when I advised him that it would be dangerous.

Has anybody run into DS or 3DS games being swallowed before, be it by a sibling or a pet or something? Is there any science I can point him to in an attempt to dissuade him from doing this?


This beauty comes to us from here.

Yes, I know it's another 'copied thread' but this was too good not to share.

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Pretty sure 3DS cards are ment to be taken as a suppository.

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Did Metalguardian rip off you, you him, or are you one in the same?

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@MirkoS77 said:

Did Metalguardian rip off you, you him, or are you one in the same?

I am ripping him off. I say so in the OP :P

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I've once again lost faith in humanity.....

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Let us know when he finds out.

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@bbkkristian said:

I've once again lost faith in humanity.....

You obviously aren't a Zelda fan.

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wtf is this

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"A friend"

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I heard they go down well on a piece of toast with a bit of Peanut Butter.

Then when it comes out...and it WILL come out, it will be all nutty.

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Imagine how painful it would be to shove a snes cartridge all the way up your ass.

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eating a cart? sounds like a megabite.

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Lol i thought this was a troll thread but that is darn funny hahahahahahaha! Your friend seems nuts

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If he was a true Zelda fan, he would swallow the original OOT N64 catridge

Swallowing this one will not mean much, it is not even touching the surface of how far he could go for his Zelda love

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Not entirely sure why anyone would do this, but actually, breaking it into smaller pieces would increase digestion further; however, I am unsure of which if any acids would actually catalyze a process for breaking down plastic. But yeah, if your friend intends to do this, breaking it down like this would probably be your best bet as having the cartridge in finer pieces would allow the bits to be more easily transported through membranes. Or just snort it.

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@darkspineslayer said:

Pretty sure 3DS cards are ment to be taken as a suppository.

They are. If you swallow it, your stomach acids will strip the nutrients.

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@Vecna said:

@darkspineslayer said:

Pretty sure 3DS cards are ment to be taken as a suppository.

They are. If you swallow it, your stomach acids will strip the nutrients.

Could he technically not binge eat a lot of insoluble fiber and take a lot of laxatives with the cartridge to ensure that his body had not created enough acid to completely destroy the cartridge, therefore allowing it to pass through the small intestine and eventually the colon, where the semi-digested bits could be more fully absorbed?

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If he truly believes he NEEDS it inside him, than I would advise him to try it out and see.

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This is way fucked up... even for me.

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Another reason why you should buy a Vita over 3DS. The cartridges are easier to swallow.

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Can we stop copy and pasting everything from neogaf.

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He might want to put some ketchup or mayo on it to make it slide down easier.

Tell your friend to stop taking neck then nominate so seriously,lol

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SW related?

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@charizard1605: If he does do this, you may want to rush him to the hospital immediately. When he's in severe pain, he'll know that he made a mistake. lol!! It will take months for that cartidge to digest in his system. He would be better off swallowing a penny. At least that can go through your digestive system and come out the other side. I swallowed pennies when I was a kid. Mother never knew and it just ended up in the toilet. In any case, if he does it, take him to the hospital. Then take him to see a shrink. LOL!!

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@CrownKingArthur: lmao!!!

Ive been member here for 12 years and this topic takes the award for stupidest topic ive ever seen on this board

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Let him do it and see if natural selection actually works

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lol.... well then. Maybe he can eat a Nintendo64 with the game in the console? Perhaps pour some gravy on it first?

Seriously though... your kidding right? There is a greater chance he will choke or hurt his throat or stomach in the process than absorbing anything other than pehaps a sharp connecter that rips through his abdominal wall....

You are joking right? If not, it sounds like you have some pretty intelligent friends.

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So, that's how natural selection works?

Ripped from the same Gaf thread. =P

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Nice thread, Char.

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Wait what? This is SW related..and it's just odd.