How often do you replay games?

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95% of the games I play through are one-timers. What about you all?

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Not very often. Handhelds make it much easier for me to do so though. On consoles, almost never, sans a few all time favorites like Uncharted 1 or Shadow of the Colossus.

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I usually play my favorites a few times through.

I've beat Metal Gear Solid 3 well over 25+ times.

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Rarely. Depends on how great the game was and if it was a short game. Uncharted comes to mind.

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I got ADD any more. So not very often. Plus I have so many games I never played or finished.

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What's it to ya?

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I only play a few games multiple times. Only amazing games like Arkham City and Metroid Prime or good RPGs.

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Depends on the game, I've replayed RE4 like 10 times.

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Rarely, but it depends on the game. I've replayed the Pokémon games countless times. And the games I replayed this last gen were Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Bioshock and Dead Space. I still want to replay Batman: Arkham City and The Last of Us some point soon.

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A lot. Im replaying Deus Ex Human Revolution for the 5th time right now. I've played Mass Effect 1 and 2 probably more than 5 times each. I replay all the Halo games about once a year. I replay games all the damn time. Its why my backlog is so big.

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Not a lot. Only some games that are actually worth playing through more than once like Mass effect 2.

Backlog is the first priority.

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I replay my favorite games a lot. Games that are just ok or are really long, I might only go through once.

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I replay my favorite games every so often. Probably at least once a year, or more.

Sadly I've played so many games I don't care to go back to, but it's kept me from impulse-buying games as I used to.

Now I only buy what I think I'll enjoy a great deal, and potentially play through in the future.

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I do it extremely rarely if ever at all, even if the game is amazing. For example I'm going to replay Bioshock after 6.5 years! Replayability is for me the most shallow criterion and games shouldn't have their points deducted for this.

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Anywhere from none (many games that I've played but not finished) to over 100 (Super Metroid).

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Depends. I've played all the god of war, halo, mgs, half life, fable games many times. Others, like the latest tomb raider, Diablo 3, and others from this last year were one-time

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Games i beaten more than twice:

All the Super Mario Bros, except those sport mario games

Final Fantasy VII

Final Fantasy VIII

Final Fantasy IX

Final Fantasy X

Final Fantasy XII

God of War Trilogy

Metal Gear Solid 1-4

Uncharted 2

The Last of Us

Games i beaten twice:

Red Dead Redemption



Dragon Age Origins

there's a lot more i just can't remember

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Most games are one time playthroughs but several series I have played through their entries over and over again.

I've done gauntlet runs of some of them and simply started over again once the rotation is over, never skipping any cutscenes and exploring the same nooks and crannies over and over..

Final Fantasy, Fire Emblem, Grand Theft Auto, Metroid, Zelda, Pokemon, Kingdom Hearts, Metal Gear Solid. Two notable exceptions include Tales of Symphonia and Resident Evil 4.

Honestly, between those series and MOBAs I'd be perfectly content to not play anything different.

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I replay old games still but the new games I just play through once mostly.

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Depends completely on the game. I have actually started my second playthrough of GTA V

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very rarely, but some old ones get a revisit every now and then

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Very infrequently. I tend to replay my absolute favourite games a few years down the line. Certain games like Age Of Empires I have played on and off since release. I do recall starting Tales of Symphonia again straight after finishing it.

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@zaraxius said:

95% of the games I play through are one-timers. What about you all?

Depends on the game.

I play Flight Simulator X every day because I can customize the weather and atmospheric conditions to match real world conditions.

Far Cry 3 (PC) I also replay every day. But, I usually stick with Reset Outposts and drop in on that world. When I want to hoof it, I go to the northern island (pirates). When I want to do more vehicle chases, I go to the southern island (mercs). I'd liberate maybe half the outposts on each island and then leave it like that. Then I'd drop in and see the "daily" happenings between the Rakyat and the bad guys.

I might replay the Far Cry 3 SP campaign every few months. I'll have to replay it soon because I accidentally deleted several Gb of game screenshots I had saved before.

The Crysis games I also replay every few months. I just finished replaying Crysis, Crysis 2, and Crysis 3. Started them all on one weekend, finished them all last weekend before classes resumed. That's why I have whole slew of screenshots available. He He.

The rest of the other PC games I had finished earlier I replay depending on my mood. These are mostly strategy games such as the Total War series and Command and Conquer 3. I still have to finish other games such as Metro Last Light and Mass Effect Trilogy. That's plenty enough to play right there.

On the PS3...... I haven't really found many games worth replaying (the SP campaign) once I've finished them except maybe sports games. Once in a while I'd play an exhibition game or 1v1 against a friend or the kids. I mean I love other games such as the Uncharted series. But, they're a one-trick pony.


Oh. I also dabble with the ARMA 2 in-game editor quite frequently. Every game should have one (the in-game editor).

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Very rarely, for the most part I'd rather play something new rather than play something I've played before. There are exceptions of course but right now I'm trying to play new games opposed to old.

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Quite a few times.

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@pyratrum said:

I usually play my favorites a few times through.

I've beat Metal Gear Solid 3 well over 25+ times.

Yep, also did about the same for MGS, and probably more than that for MGS2. Those games had some killer replay value.

Lets see, played the hell out of Ninja Gaiden Black, NG2 (as well as some NGS and NGS2), RE4, SMB3, SMW, SotN, Sonic 2, 3 and Knuckles, LttP, Chaos Theory... I guess I mostly replay old school games, especially the platformers... The games that I'm usually not likely to replay are RPGs, or any other games with really lengthy progression.

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God of War, Metal Gear Solid, GTA, Resident Evil 1-3, Uncharted, Halo, Elder Scrolls and Fallout are some of my most replayed game franchises.

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Not alot

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You mean like doing multiple PT? It depends on the genre. RPG's for example take me so long to beat the first time around (because i explore everything and do everything there is in the game) that there's pretty nothing left for me to do in a 2nd PT. A brainless co-op game like Gear on the other hand is something i can beat 5+ times. Lately i've beaten Borderlands 2 three times-.-

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3 generations ago that was different. I must have beaten Diablo like 50 times and Resident Evil 2 like 20+ times.

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Not very often, but that's because I put more stock into a game being worth another spin.

I think the best of the best games are games you can go back to and they will still be awesome. So usually when it comes to my favorites, I'll replay em. Hell I might double down on a playthrough right after beating the game. But majority of the games I play I tend to go one n done, but that's more on the game. If I thought it was worth another spin, I'd eventually find some time for another round.

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Yup, I judge my GOTY by if I replayed it. Because I must have really liked it to replay it, or venture into its NG+, compared to beat once and put on the shelf.

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Fairly regularly... I'm replaying Halo 4 right now, for instance. There are series that I have all the entries for, and sometimes... often just prior to a new installment... I will replay one or all of the games in the series first. Gears of War, Metal Gear, God of War... those types of series.