How do you feel about PC losing its major eXclusive, WoW?

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To Next Gen consoles?

We think its Nice.

PC dies even more v_v

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This is news to me.

Where does it say that a 10+ year old game is coming to current gen consoles?

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I feel nothing because nothing happened

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To Next Gen consoles?

We think its Nice.

PC dies even more v_v

Even if this were true, it would be irrelevant.

WoW would be unplayable on a console. Like trying to play a violin with a screwdriver.

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I feel that people should wait for official confirmation before they gloat.

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Good luck to bind 30++ skills ... rofl

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didn't know about this but yeah, porting a 12 year old game, pc must be dying!

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1.- could care less

2.- no link and no source

3.- failed troll thread

4.- inb4lock

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MMO... meh

Everything that makes hermits mad is fine by me though

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Don't know. I never played WoW, ever. I also don't know why I should be bothered. I don't play the exclusives game. I just play games. If it's on another platform..... So? The more the merrier.

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Is there a source for this? Game is really old, though. More of a win for consoles than a loss for PC. Had this happened around the time of Burning Crusade, then we'd be having a different conversation.

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Who cares, WoW is garbage

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Did a quick Google search and didn't find a single article on this. Can we just ban TC?

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Sick thread brah, that'll show those loser PC gamers.

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I know next gen consoles have not alot to play, but inventing stories with no links is sad. Hope your dreams come true.