Holding the Wii U gamepad just looks dumb.

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You don't need 2 different screens for console gaming and you have this big dumb old fisher price looking gamepad that you have to hold, makes you look really dumb.

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you look dumb

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No. It's actually quite awesome.

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What's pusher price?

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Holding Xbox One and PS4 controllers, however, make you look cool.

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What do you have against looking dumb? I, for one, pride myself in the look.

Ur jus jelly.

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Gamepad Justified. (granted I'm not holding the Gamepad, but why should I when playing a Wii game?)

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So TC is obviously still in his teens. Obsessively contemplating how he looks at all times, even when no one is around to see.

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i look really cool with my headset...

like a true gamer :)

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But it sure as hell is mighty comfortable to actually hold.

This is like complaining about the colour of the case that surrounds the inner workings of the console. It's entirely unnecessary to the gaming experience itself.

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What's pusher price?

autocorrect, fixed

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I find it extremely unnecessary. It's basically a secondary screen for sorting Items, Menus, and Maps.

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I'm not exactly in high school, desperately managing my hair in the hopes that i won't be a social outcast anymore. Who cares what one looks like?

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You know who owns a Wii U? Abraham Lincoln.

Does he look stupid with it? I think not.

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You look stupid for making threads like this.

I guess you would also say people that use tablets look stupid.

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You know who owns a Wii U? Abraham Lincoln.

Does he look stupid with it? I think not.

You can't look stupid with a vampire skull in your hand.

That was a documentary, right?

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I'm watching an episode of American Dad on the tv, and playing Mario Kart 8 on the gamepad, i don't mind one bit

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Its a gimmick made for none gamers. Their normal controller costs three times less and is much better for every single game released for the system

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Based on the merit of your OP (or lack thereof), you are in NO position to be criticizing anything as "dumb".