Highly likely final Xbox Specs not final???

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you do know that more Ram does not equal better performance Right now even pc games dont need more than 8gb ( heck they rarely use over 3-4gb ) and a console using 8gb Ram is more than enough even for the future . Anything more is gonna be wasted so i highly doubt even with the cheap prices of ram MS will want to spend $5-6 for each console for more Ram that will be useless
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This is really not true at all. MS has a new Gears coming out soon they just had Halo4 and they had Forza Horizion and they even have a great game hitting Live Arcade that has huge potential is a game called State of Decay coming out in a few months. Just becuase you don't like these games don't mean MS aint got core franchises:roll:


Oh man it must s*cks to be an x-bot only player !

I have a launch model PS3 with no games for it. Although i'll get The Last Of Us

Which tell's us you been sucking on MS's teat too long. Dont give your hopes up MS changing anything this late in the game. the console's design has been set in concrete for the last 6 months and has been most likely been in production within those 6 months. 8gb of DDR3 is just fine if they allocate the assets correctly, 68 GB/s isnt too slow if you allocate the needed assets at initial load of the game. We will see massive improvements on multiple aspects in games compared to whats out now on consoles. Between the fact that Pc DDR3 is only a 3rd the speed of that memory and the fact that gpu's the like the Geforce 8800GTS had memory speed close to the 68GB/s it will be fine.