Here is what we know for a fact

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The Xbox One is the flagship of next gen. The PS4 is a PS3. No new features or innovation. The Xbox One out of the box will have more and do more then the PS4 in its lifespan. Not to mention have better games.

Graphically the Xbox One is killing the PS4. Ryse and Forza have better visuals then anything the PS4 has showcased. The Xbox One has the award for best console visuals at both E3 and gamecon for Forza.

Here is where it gets really good. The Xbox One has superior versions of BF4 thanks to DX11. Something the PS4 doesn't support. They use a weaker knockoff that no developers will touch. Video on YouTube shows side by side video of the Xbox One and PS4 running BF4 side by side. The PS4 version has framerate drops and the textures and colors are not nearly as sharp as the Xbox One.

The bottom line is simple, the Xbox One is light years ahead of the PS4. These are not rumors or opinions. They are facts.

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Here is what I know for a fact: you don't understand what "fact" means.

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opinions =/= facts.

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I don't see any facts in there.

And lol @ another alt account

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Facts approved.

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@GhoX: show me one inaccurate statement in my post.

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*walks in*

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*farts loudly*


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@multipass35: If they're facts, some proof would be nice, statements don't equate to facts.

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Here's what moderators know. Disingenuous topics like this don't last long.