Heavy Rain 40m to make, 100m profit

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#152 Posted by StormyJoe (5122 posts) -


Think of how much more money they would have made if they released it on the PC & 360...


It wouldn't be possible on the 360.

Bullsh*t. You cna make any game for any platform. Don't believe the hype.

#153 Posted by clone01 (24655 posts) -

I just purchased and finished Heavy Rain over the weekend. One of most beautiful and unique game I've ever played. Highly recommend getting the Director's Cut for all the extra videos (the Lauren clip is amazing), art work, commentary and motion compatibility. I'm glad it was profitable for Quantic Dream, they deserve it. Wish I would have played it when it first released, but I won't make that same mistake again with Beyond Two Souls.

Their other one is pretty good. Farenheit, I believe. Its last gen, though.
#154 Posted by Gue1 (9771 posts) -

Idiots! The same could be experiece on youtube for free. Why shell $60 but then again all Sony exclusives are.



but the game has multiple choices for different outcomes and that's something you can't experience as a viewer.

#155 Posted by clone01 (24655 posts) -
there is a difference between plain stupidity and trolling. Learn it. Gue1
Its not our fault you're a terrible troll. Its pretty easy to confuse your actions with stupidity.