H-Hour *first look at Alpha footage on UE4*

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This game has come a long way, and much more is on the way. Everything from the environment to the soundtrack is spot on with me and this is early Alpha stage of just the interior of a single church within the map Sismus. The attention to detail is awesome for a shooter, and when you take into account that H-Hour is an Indie game..... amazing. Not all indie's are cut from the same cloth after all.

If you would like to further the discussion come join in at sofstudios.com sometime. Just tell them Wit sent you or shoot me a PM :)

Does this early footage do anything for anyone else out there? I'm more stoked than ever. Tactical shooters are making a comeback and H-Hour will be leading the way.

Here are two more links for those interested in seeing more:



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I really like the soundtrack, it has this hopeless tone to it. I've never heard of this game, what's it about?

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I really like the soundtrack, it has this hopeless tone to it. I've never heard of this game, what's it about?

H-Hour World's Elite is the true successor to SOCOM 1 and 2 from the PS2. David Sears is the man behind the vision at SOFs Studios as the creative director. Together he and Russ Phillips are the two biggest pieces of the original Zipper team from the first two games.

Obviously this game can not be called SOCOM since SONY owns that franchise name, but many people including myself feel as though the franchise was never the same after the first two games and went downhill after that throughout the years. David Sears and Russ Phillips were already long gone before Zipper released SOCOM 3, and were only a ghost of there former greatness before they shut their doors.

H-Hour is a one life, tactical, clan based game that requires teamwork and communication on the mics to ensure victory. It is primarily a TPS but also has a FPS view in which you can zoom into and play from a crosshair perspective.

I am a moderator for the game on the official website, so if you think you might be interested or if you are a SOCOM fan looking for the great gameplay that we have not seen in 10 years stop on by sofstudios.com and hit me up.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask here, PM me here, or at their official website by following the web address I provided. You really can not find a better community and such a rabid fanbase anywhere else.

Everyone talks about wanting to go back to classic gameplay, so here it is. :) No aim assist, no health regen, jump to climb, grenade arcs, leaning, prone diving, and fast strafing speeds.

The level you see is called "Sismus" and is based off a rural Serbian village where they have a vampire scare on their hands. The Special Forces are there to eliminate terrorist forces and restore order to the scared people. The dark feel and environment really plays into the level theme. 6 or more maps will launch with the game and their are at least 4 dlc's planned for a grand total of over 22 maps. Each map will have distinctive feels like original SOCOM games and Russ Phillip is making them... one of the best MP map makers of all time. The campaign is in the works and will release after the initial group of MP maps is launched.

I could really go on and on for days about all the things I know, but I will stop here to gauge interest.

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Our last hope.

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I'm glad to see the weird way UE3 handled color grading is gone.

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Our last hope.

Indeed it is... that is why I am so heavily invested in about every possible way... I must say though, at this point I am proud of the fact that my highest expectations have already been raised higher several times. This crushes all the wanna be shooters out there these days. This is a true "put your money where your mouth is" kind of game. PS4 and PC. Everybody claims there were the best in S1 and S2. Well, things like Analytic Sergeant (trademarked by SOFs) will keep track of all stats and determine if people are using means of cheating to win.... those cheaters will in turn be dealt with and be sent to an in game purgatory... where that player will be burning in flames for all the legit players to walk by and shoot. The player getting shot? On display as a blocked name and a bullet sponge. True skill and teamwork is needed if you want to be the best.

In game ladders, tournaments, massive clan features, and several other fan favorite and fan requested items will make it into this game. If you want to guarantee a spot in the PC private beta you can still make a donation to the studio to ensure you will be there. PS4 slots are all currently filled. The beta is NOT a typical beta but a FULL GAME. Those in the beta get to test everything out and provide valuable feedback. SOFs listens to the community like no devs have EVER before. The name of the first MP map was a suggestion by someone in the kickstarter. A little over a year ago, I was wondering if this could possibly be true, and now that everything is falling into place I am truly blown away.

It all started Here (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1687497632/h-hour-worlds-elite-0) just a little over a year ago.

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Will have 32 or at least 24 player mode? If not I will wait for sony to reboot socom...

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yeah unreal engine 4's pretty fuckin' titanic.

well i can't figure out much from that video, but i certainly enjoyed it.

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Well it certainly looks nice