Guess the next crappy Spin off from a Nintendo IP

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Hyrule Warriors looks worse than Monster Hunter Tri U which is a up-rez'd Wii Game which is kind of lame. I'm guessing Nintendos next lame ass spin off to be from Capcom with a Nintendo Vs Capcom as Nintendo so wanna destroy all it assets with super corny spin off.

(Also have Shin Megami X Fire Emblem. Just started playjng FE: Awakening on 3ds and its my first FE game. Hard actually means Hard)

What do you assume Nintendo will allow next to do a bad spin off ? Do you overall think this is bad idea.

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Lost Metroid: Extreme Condition

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Tom Clancy's FAWX

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Mario Brothers: Plumber's Assault.

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N-Zero: Space Nascar to the Future

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Kong Attorney: The Banana Heist

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Starfox X F-Zero Galactic Cook Off.

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The Legend Of Kong :Primes return. i tried lol

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Mortal Smash Bros

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Say what you want, I'm holding my breath for judgement on Hyrule Warriors. (Although I will admit, I hope they do not keep the name. It's current name makes it sound terrible. Even Zelda: Hyrule's Warriors would sound better.)

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Animal Crossing: Total War

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@bbkkristian: Its a wee bit of comical fun Dude <3 .

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@dobzilian: <3

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Gears of Wario

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Ape Channel 5

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Dr. Mario: Bowser's Colonoscopy

Zelda: Fashion Wars

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Nintendogs + (cat)Mario

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Sins of a Mushroom Empire

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Pikmin VS Kirby

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Kirby May Cry

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Hyrule Warriors looks amazing. Hopefully there's a sequel.

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@princessgomez92 said:

Hyrule Warriors looks amazing. Hopefully there's a sequel.

I agree, but I only want a sequel if it ends up being as amazing as it looks.

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The Lego of Zelda

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Metroid pinball, oh wait........

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Shroom Raider

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f zero dub edition remix

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Kingdom Hearts vs Pokemon

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@fugwit said:

The Lego of Zelda

A+, my good fellow! This would actually be pretty god damned cool. The Lego Legend of Zelda...

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@misterpmedia said:

Mario Brothers: Plumber's Assault.

Peach's Bash DLC

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Metroid Prime 4..............................developed by High Voltage Software

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Call of Mario: Modern Wariofare

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Metroid other M: 2

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Pikmin total war...and it would be the best thing ever in the history of everything.

just dance, animal crossing edition *shudder*.

X/star citizen/Elite, starfox edition (the direction i would like to see the series go if nintendo want to reboot that IP).

Metroid other M 2....developed by quantic dream. just for something truly truly awful.

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I would buy an Animal Crossing: Total War day one.

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Funny and interestingly enough, some of these ideas would be pretty freaking awesome