GTA V Special and Collector Editions Detailed

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Special Edition: Steelbook case, blueprint map, various in game bonuses (79.99)
Collector Edition: see picture  (149.99 !!)

Not very impressed, would of loved to have a statue of the 3 main characters or something better than a baseball cap and a cheap "deposit" bag. Especially for the $150 price tag. I think I'll settle on the special edition. Which version will you get?

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I may buy this game on sale cheap this Xmas. Maybe a C.E. for $40 like I did previous GTA CEs and other CEs.

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I'm sticking with the standard edition.

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Already a thread.
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What a crappy special edition. Stick the PS2 GTA games in a HD collection and include THAT ;)
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You're late with this thread. There's already one.

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I'm sticking with the standard edition.

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Already a thread here.