Gran Turismo 6 Semi Premium cars, 56 k???

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what's a semi premium car? it's a car with an upgraded exterior, from crappy PS2 quality 2d texture car, to a completely redone 3d car with separate 3d body panels, body trims, lights, wheels, brakes, body pieces. (like the 3d hood pins and latches on the Plymouth superbird.

How many are there in GT6? there are over 400.

Do the have interior views, Yes.

Do they have changable body panels, yes.

Will the entire GT car list of standard cars be updated, yes, through out time, right now there are alot more being redone.

How many non PS2 quality cars are in GT6 now? 954, with the remaining being converted semi premium and premium(Supra RZ)

...And a standard car from show the massive jump.

there is more detail in the headlight on the ibiza then that entire car. Fact.

There are hundreds more that were upgraded, full 3d body parts, and you can change them.

I originally thought, This being PD and knowing there track reccord, it would just be a simple touch up to the "2d texture models"....Not a complete redo, to over 400 cars...

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semi premium cars for a semi premium game.

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they may look a little better but there still nothing but PS2 cars at the end of the day How embarrassing. But we all know Pd as no shame which is why i believe they'll be back in PS4 gt yea you heard me

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Is that a PS4 game?