Good horror games?

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#51 Posted by vampire721 (10 posts) -
Amnesia wasnt scary at all. I mean the actual game not the custom stories
#52 Posted by ultraking (6904 posts) -

Siren blood curse , amnesia , The Path.. all good horror games (although i really wouldnt consider the path horror. but it is really messed up)... im sure im forgetting alot more

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#54 Posted by FastEddie2121 (3081 posts) -
Condemned in the dark with a good sound system is ideal. For most of the game you are running around abandoned buildings/parking garages and the sound is really good. Crazy freaks and junkies yelling at with realistic echo is unnerving. You can probably pick it up dirt cheap. It isn't a deep horror game but it's held up really well seeing how it was a launch game for the xbox360. Condemned 2 is more of an action game but there was one moment where I screamed like a girl and dropped the controller. I won't spoil it so I'll just leave it at that. I was going to suggest Skyrim on the ps3 but I decided to keep things civil. :)
#55 Posted by ShadowsDemon (10127 posts) -

Dead Space

As big a fan I am of a the franchise, it's not scary enough to be classified as horror. Real horror? Try silent hill.
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Anyone got any good horror game suggestions to play for either X360 or PS3?

Ah, ahum. Condemned. The epsodic Siren game Blood Curse. Action horror wise the first Dead Space layers on the cliche creepy well, though personally I think the second is a better game. That's about it on those consoles, off the top of my head, sadly enough. The horror genre has been thriving in the PC independent scene with stuff like Lone Survivor, Scratches, Downfall, and every horrible Let's Play-er's favourite game - Amnesia.
Now that's a game that faded away with time, wow. The late 90s and early 3D were weird, in a good way.
#58 Posted by EyeTellTheTruth (1 posts) -
Not Convinced ? Well Watch Markiplier On Youtube Play Amnesia And You Will Be
#59 Posted by parkurtommo (26602 posts) -
siren blood curse.TheGuardian03
#60 Posted by bustword (345 posts) -

Siren Blood Curse, controls for game are not that good but still worth playing.

#61 Posted by Granny_Spanked (1326 posts) -
Slender the arrival is pretty good, and Dead Space is one of my favorites on console.
#62 Posted by way2funny (4569 posts) -

Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl, while not all horror, has certain levels that were terrifying. And also, if you don't mind older games, certain levels in Thief: The Dark Project, and Thief: Deadly Shadows were pretty scary.

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Touch my Katamari was pretty horrifying (from what little I've played of it).

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Wow, this thread is pretty sad...i mean you realice how bad this gen has been in terms of horror games (home consoles of course).

Anyway, aside from Siren i could recomend Silent Hill HD Collection, even if the port was pretty mediocre, the games are still amazing.

For those not interested in Amnesia for PC, you should check Lone Survivor, is a pretty interesting game.


I heard a big patch was released though only on ps3. 

#65 Posted by MrYaotubo (2652 posts) -
There´s plenty of them around and coming up but almost every single one of them is on the PC,it´s pretty much the main system for horror games these days,by far.
#66 Posted by Keegan_2634 (46 posts) -

Fear 1 (if you can find it it's a pretty solid first-person shooter with horror elements it's the best in the series my opinion)

Resident evil 4 ( not really a horror more of action adventure but a classic)

Doom collection ( mostly for the third game in the series it's got crazy demons. zombies kick ass weapons and its very dark in a lot of places it's just awesome one of my favorite collections of this year and probably favorite buys)

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Actually scary: Silent Hill Downpour


It's pretty boring and not scary. Thanks to none of the monsters or environments actually being scary.

#68 Posted by Pffrbt (6541 posts) -

Not Convinced ? Well Watch Markiplier On Youtube Play Amnesia And You Will Be EyeTellTheTruth

Stop capitalizing every word, and I wouldn't recommend he watch some shrieking moron on youtube to be convinced whether a game is scary or not.

#69 Posted by KaguyaHouraizan (61 posts) -

The PS1 classics at the PSN store has a lot of good choices.

#70 Posted by Lulu_Lulu (10544 posts) -
Lost In Nightmares
#71 Posted by Jack-Burton (2303 posts) -
For a game from 2005 Condemned CO is still really good to dive into
#72 Posted by SNIPER4321 (10143 posts) -
Get amnesia for PC
#73 Posted by hippiesanta (9817 posts) -
The walking dead .... the last of us ... nuff said
#74 Posted by sukraj (22278 posts) -

Get amnesia for PCSNIPER4321


#75 Posted by Puckhog04 (22606 posts) -

Dead Space 1 & 2, Siren Episodes (PS3), Conemned Criminal Origins (360), Fear Series, etc etc. There's quite a few.

#76 Posted by sukraj (22278 posts) -

For a game from 2005 Condemned CO is still really good to dive into Jack-Burton

yes jack burton condemned is one scary game.

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Best horror game of the generation. And while many people are confusing horror for scariness in this thread, this game is also scary in some parts. 

EDIT: Just thinking about it, it's actually freaky in many parts.

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last of us dead space alan wake fear condemned sillent hill homecoming and down pour sillent hill HD doom3 BFG
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super mario galaxy

#80 Posted by foxhound_fox (87836 posts) -
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the Earth It will run on whatever computer you are using.