Gamespot and Microsoft's relationship

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How much money do you think GS has made for all their positive reviews and pieces that they have done for MS in the past? What percentage of their income comes from MS's "contributions"?

Can any gaming journalism regarding MS be taken seriously anymore?

This whole fiasco is amazing.

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How much money do you need to stop making threads?
I'm ready to cut a check.

Just kidding. :)

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Probably not as much money as they get from Sony. Look at all the Sony GOTY GS gave out last gen.

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even PS vita being a piece of shit recieved good reviews from GS when the game deserved it.

Not every gamesite maybe except for the Playstation owned sites dishes Xbox One games.

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Since you have no substantial evidence that attempts to prove that gamespot is in bed with microsoft in your OP this thread will be locked.