Games with the best bestiary?

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What games do you think have best bestiary?

Bestiary would be fictional animals or creatures in a video games. It could be anything that is non human, like a centaur, minotaur, bear, tiger, goblin, orc, lizardfolk etc.

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I hate to say it, but aside from its recolored monsters, Final Fantasy XIII had some pretty cool monsters.

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I think the Souls games take it for the bosses. Not sure about regular enemies.

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I have a dirty mind.

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Final Fantasy XII

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Recently i've played witcher so it does have the variety.

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I am a halo geek, so Halo. Especially the Halo anniversary Kinect scanning functionality. I love saying scan on the enemy types and filling the bestiary.

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@clyde46 said:

I have a dirty mind.


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President Evil 5 and 6... Duh !

Oh and Last Planet 2.... :)

oh and Gear Of War 3 ! :p

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Monster hunter, Shadow of the colossus

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Recently I was really impressed with Shin Megami Tensei IV's, because not only are the monsters on hand really cool and have tons of variety but there are almost no palette swaps of other monsters. I think I saw maybe two and that is out of hundreds of monsters.

I also love the Dragon Quest IX bestiary. Some monsters are quirky, some are badass, and most look great and their descriptions are extremely punderful.

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Everquest 1

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Halflife was incredibly genius. As explained in "Halflife 2: Raising The Bar" Knowing many of the people playing the games would be 14 year old boys who are homaphobic and afraid of sex, the creatures of Xen are deliberately designed around gentiles and to evoke sexual acts.

Truly wonderful creatures.

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@Jd1680a said:

What games do you think have best bestiary?

Bestiary would be fictional animals or creatures in a video games. It could be anything that is non human, like a centaur, minotaur, bear, tiger, goblin, orc, lizardfolk etc.

Dragon Quest games and Ni No Kuni (has some seriously strange creatures). The Oddworld series as well, but they don't have as many.

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I thought your title said bestiality for a second... my mind is fucked.

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The Witcher.

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I read the title so differently to you guys...

I need help lol.

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@clyde46 said:

I have a dirty mind.

Hi Five.

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Castlevania series by far.

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IceWind Dale 1 and 2.

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Xenoblade Chronicles.

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No one's mentioned Lunar: Silver Star yet? Wow.

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The Witcher series. Lots of variety and very rich history, Witcher 3 looks like it will take this even further, far far further.

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The fact that anyone would mention JRPG's in this threat makes me scratch my head. I like JRPG's, the monsters are just silly, more than often.

Does greatest = most?

As a whole, i would say the classic Resident Evil games. I like the variants in the zombies. When you played it for the first time, you really got a feeling of "WTF IS THAT!?" when you saw a new type of enemy.

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The Witcher. Half-Life.

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Oh and Dragon's Dogma.... Except the RPG really ruined just how special these Creatures are.

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likely Demon's souls, although it would be slightly cheating since all those are from D&Ds monster manuels. But it has this nice dark spin on it, which I liked. So if we accept that it can be taken from anything outside of gaming, then Demon's souls.

If not Then I suppose Fallout.

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Was my first thought.

FF and DQ games also make strong choices.

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TERA does have one of the better bestiary in any video game Ive played so far. Dark Souls, Elder Scrolls Online, Skyrim, and Old Republic are other video games with good bestiary in recent memory.

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ARPG's like Diablo and Path of Exile have some pretty neat monsters.

Dark Souls 1 had lots of cool enemies as well. DS2 had too many humanoid enemies with armour and swords.