fighting games. ps2 vs dreamcast ?

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IMPORTANT: I'm from Argentina, my language is Spanish. sorry for my mistakes in English

Hello, I am a fan of fighting video games, and I've enjoyed many systems with this genre. for me, the best way to fight is the ps2, for his excellent fighting game library. the ps2, which is a system of long life, had many games, but Sega Dreamcast, with few years of life, had exelentes games too. two perfect systems for fighting games,

which do you prefer for play fighting games?

here I give you a list of fighting games that i know in both systems



marvel vs capcom 2

capcom vs snk 2

sengoku basara x (cross)

hokuto no ken

melty blood act cadenza

melty blood actress again

guilty gear x

guilty gear x plus

guilty gear x2

guilty gear xx accent core plus

guilty gear isuka

capcom fighting jam/evolution

neogeo battle coliseum

spectral vs generation

kof 94 re-bout

kof 2000

kof 2001

kof 2002

kof 2003

kof 11

kof neowave

kof 98 ultimate match

kof 2002 unlimited match

street fighter 3 third strike

hyper street fighter 2

garou mark of the wolves

samurai shodown 6

arcana heart

sugoi arcana heart 2

the rumble fish

svc chaos snk vs capcom

sarurai spirits zero

power instink martemele


bloody roar 3

bloody roar 4

fate unlimited codes

tekken tag turnament

tekken 4

teken 5

soulcalibur 2

soulcalibur 3

dead or alive 2 hardcore

virtua fighter 4 evolution

kof maximiun impact

kof maximiun impact 2/kof 2006

kof maximiun impact regulation a

street fighter ex 3

soul eater battle resonance

mortal kombat deadlly aliance

mortal kombat deception

mortal kombat armageddon

fullmetal alchemist dream carnival

story strongest diciple kenichi

def jam fight for new york

def jam vendetta

naruto ultimate ninja

naruto ultimate ninja 2

naruto ultimate ninja 3

naruto ultimate ninja 4

naruto ultimate ninja 5

dragon ball z budokai

dragon ball z budokai 2

dragon ball z budokai 3

dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi

dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 2

dragon ball z budokai tenkaichi 3

super dragon ball z

dragon ball z infinity worlds

kinnikuman grand prix

kinnikuman grand prix 2

yuyu hakusho dark tournament

yuyo hakusho for ever

erementar gerad

saint seiya chapter sanctuary

saint seiya the hades


the last blade 1 & 2

funn super combos (savage reign , kizuna encounter)

sunsoft colection ( waku waku 7 , galaxy fight)

fatal fury battle archibes vol 1

fatal fury battle archibes vol 2

street fighter alpha anthology

street fighter anniversary colection

vampire darkstalkers colection

world heroes anthology

art of fighting anthology

samurai shodown anthology

kof collection the orochi saga

kof nests

ADK Tamashii (Aggresors of Dark Kombat)


2d fighting:

marvel vs capcom

marvel vs capcom 2

capcom vs snk

capcom vs snk pro

capcom vs snk 2

jojos bozarres adventures

street fighter double impact (sf 3, sf3 second)

street fighter 3 third strike

guilty gear x

the last blade 2

street fighter alpha 3

kof dream match 1999

kof 99 evolution

kof 2000

kof 2001

kof 2002

vampire chronicles

super street fighter 2 x

3d fighting

project justice

power stone

power stone 2

mortal kombat 4

soul calibur

dead or alive 2

plasma sword

virtua fighter 3

fighters vipers 2

tech romancer

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Holy fuck I forgot how many fighters 6th gen had. PS2 wins for me, since SC2 is on it.

Also inb4 teh lockz

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I will take inb4 lock for $400

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Both were great, but the PS2 had far more quality fighters hands down due to it's very long life. I love fighting games and have many you listed in the OP.

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PS2 easily wins this

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The PS2 had more quantity because it lasted for years,the Dreamcast has the top quality ones(and some of the most unique) though,especially Soul Calibur,the highest rated fighting game of all time.

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Ps2 it had more and better fighting games. I guess you answered your own question with the lists provided. It missed very few ones in comparison to Dreamcast, that missed on a lot, not only in quantity, but in some of the better fighting games that came out after it was extinct.

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Dreamcast. Dreamcast 2D fighters were just about almost always perfect. Dreamcast also has a better video output image.

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PS2! But you're in the wrong forum. :-\

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It depends on the game: for example CvS2 plays perfectly on both, but the resolution is different on PS2 (DC is native); Garou is unplayable on DC, where it is near-perfect on PS2; MvC2 on PS2 has problems where DC is on its native Arcade software (for anyone who doesn't know, DC is just a consolized SEGA NAOMI arcade system); 3s on DC is not the correct version (board b)... I can continue.

PS2 has a larger selection.

For certain games, you can find better HD remake versions on PS3 or 360 e.g. SC2 HD remake. Ivy caused some considerable lag as well as the windmill stage. Same goes for Neo Geo battle colliseum on PS2.