Famitsu: Surprise New Scoop In Next Week's Issue!!!

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So after this week's 'surprise scoop on a long awaited title,' that turned out to be a new Kamen Rider game (it's okay if you don't know what that is), Famitsu is back to its trolling ways, promising ANOTHER surprise scoop in next week's issue:

Surprise new scoop, reads the magazine. New activity regarding that popular series? The information will surprise you!

How many will fall for it this time, I wonder.


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oh hell no another week of waiting but this time i'm out.
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lmfao, wow.

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Precure fighting game by Cyberconnect 2.

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it'll be hilarious if it's an actual serious announcement
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if the first surprise scoop is a no name franchise (at least in the west)...then i cant be optimistic about next weeks 'scoop'
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It was a fvcking kamen rider game? Ugh -___-
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It was a fvcking kamen rider game? Ugh -___-Capitan_Kid

Not just any, a musou styled one for the PS3 (all good things).

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