EDGE Magazine: Microsoft has the edge

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#51 Posted by GravityX (865 posts) -

Infamous looks like cheap good fun, KZ is a slight bump from last gen with a lot of set pieces and baked scenes, Knack is for you sister, plus waiting for greatness is awesome.

#53 Posted by Jakandsigz (6341 posts) -

@I_can_haz said:

Garbage article.

Infamous >>>>>>> Dead Rising

How the hell will they say Killzone is no Halo but then proceed to compare Forza to DriveClub like Driveclub is Sony's major racing title? Did they suddenly forget Gran Turismo which sells even better than Halo? £80 is definitely a big deal to most people. No one is going to spend an extra £80 to buy a weaker console no matter how you look at it, and the preorder numbers in UK already reflect this. Sony is way ahead of MS in UK and EU preorders.

Also if this gen is any indication (PS3 still receiving AAAs while 360 is dead) Sony will destroy MS in exclusive games so the whole better exclusives at launch argument is moot.

GT sold less than HALO this gen, by a large amount. The highest selling HALO game also outsold the highest selling GT game but kaz family be kaz family.

Driveclub is made by the motorstorm devs, which was a big series, and kept the PS3 barely alive while it had no games for 3 years inlucuding the song with lyrics that is famous that you can find on youtube "I am sad the PS3 has no gameessss, I hate playing Motorstorm 3000 times a dayyy." or something like that. The sequels sold well to.

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Saying DR3 could be done comfortably on xbox360 is crazy. Have you watched the gameplay videos? The sheer amount of zombies on screen at once is amazing.

As far as ryse vs. KZ graphically it pretty much looks like a tie to me. Maybe a slight edge to KZ but not b much. Gameplay wise may be a different story but who knows at this point

#55 Posted by RR360DD (13102 posts) -

Remember when Edge said the PS4 was the console to own this gen and all the cows agreed and put them on a pedestal?


How times have changed.

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Funny, he talks "right now" and mentions halo, why doesn't he stick his bias up his a**.

Forza is no system seller and despite everything will never have the impact Gran Turismo has, since he's talking halo, i'll take gt7.

Killzone looks better than any launch day fps.

And quite honestly, from every standpoint Second Son just owns Dead Rising.Killing zombies is getting old, take the hint.

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bu bu bu edge is telling the true when they bash xbox!! but now...bu bu bu edge is lying because they are not bashing the xbox one. gotta love that flip flopping

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@I_can_haz said:

@Shewgenja said:

A more expensive console with less power and fewer announced titles has the edge.. Riiiiiiiiiight.

How much did MS pay for this article?

Indeed. Thread title should say "Microsoft has EDGE in their pockets".

So Sony paid them a few months ago?

#59 Posted by Phazevariance (11087 posts) -

A few months ago, sony was the better choice, but now with delayed games, and MS makign their 180 changes and more exciting exclusives, they do have the edge now.